Weekend Links: Tough Mudder Style

Tuesday morning those of us who are participating in the 2013 Oregon Tough Mudder received this photo with a friendly reminder to not worry because “if you’re scared…… you can pee yourself. Everyone knows you can’t see pee in the mud.”

Thanks Big Mudder!

This will be my second Tough Mudder event and I’ll be joining my wonderful friends Brooke and her man friend Brad, while dragging Dan along for the torture fun!

In the words of Big Mudder, the vents are “hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.”

I will promise to do my best, but can see something like this happening when I go to grab the monkey bars.

Last time Brooke went Beast-Mode on the same monkey bars and I am looking forward to being inspired by her once again.

Enough from me, here’s the links!

Wish us luck, last time I came home bruised from head to toe!


heart JE


Morning Routine

Do you remember this month’s goal #1: Early work only 5 times this month?

Sorry, how early is early?

For two months I was waking up at 4:15am and showing up to the office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am, which was as soon as I was allowed access into the building.

A new month and a new me.

Rather than allow myself to fall into the snooze button trap, I decided to use my familiarity with an early alarm and make the most out of it. 

Long ago on the blog I wrote a post about the Benefits of Morning Exercise, and much of how I felt in October of 2012 still holds true today. Working out in the morning is amazing.

There’s so much that it can bring to your day!

  • Adrenaline
  • Accomplishment
  • Less worry about when to fit a workout in
  • A need for an earlier bedtime
  • Incentive to hydrate in the evening
  • Feelings of hunger for a whole and balanced breakfast
  • Cool air to breathe
  • Calm environment to focus
  • ZERO stress about what to wear and whether your outfit matches (as long as it’s street-visible!)
  • You’ve now earned your shower

So, for the time being, 4:15 – 5:15 is run time and self improvement time rather than the sleep time I’d originally intended to reclaim.

Now if I could just get Dan on the same schedule we’d be quite the pair!

My newest running buddies are 3lb hand weights that honestly do make my arms burn after an hour run. Aside from the burn, the added bonus is that people who see me running with hand weights believe that I’m that much more intense / intimidating / out for my own self-defense.

Who else loves to work out in the morning? What are the reasons you do it {or don’t do it!}?

P.S. I’ve only gone in early 3 times this month – looking forward to no more if I can help it!

heart JE

Golden Weekend

I’m so rested from this weekend – come at me, May!

Despite some car troubles for me (Thank you Dan, Dad, Mom, Sisters!) and some additional car troubles for Dan (Thank you, Austin!) we had a pretty nice birthday weekend for Dan.

He had his golf tournament both days so we didn’t hit the town or get wild, but it was everything you’d want a weekend to be.

  • I had some quality alone time with two 10 mile runs (20 total).
  • I enjoyed a massage with miracle worker Maggie
  • We relaxed with some NBA playoffs and enjoyed the beautiful sunlight coming through the windows and illuminating our home.

I even reacquianted with these friendly drinking fountains in the neighborhood: The Benson Bubbler

The biggest part of the weekend that I didn’t like was being unable to drive to get the cake Dan really wanted for his birthday a sheet cake from Costco, so he had no cake at all.

Instead, here are the cakes from his last two birthdays we’ve spent together:

At least I learned!

He had all kinds of birthday love from friends and family on facebook and via phone calls – so overall he considered his special week day a success.

He especially loved the visits and gifts from the two little goldens that have stolen his heart:

heart JE

Feel Good Weekend

This weekend was full of good vibes for the house.

Dan and I spent a good portion of Saturday making our home clean and happy. It’s been a little while since we had a nice, deep clean – so we treated ourselves to a brand new Swiffer Wet Jet for the occasion.

Toilets were scrubbed, counters were scraped, three loads of laundry, two loads of dishes (mostly my tupperware) and even recycling/garbage duty.

More than just cleaning, we had some fun too!

As a result of cleaning, the pool table in the garage that has been covered with boxes since the move was unveiled, and we had a great time playing a few games with loud jams and competitive glances. The pool cue was an awesome gift from my brother for my birthday two years ago and I haven’t given her enough time and attention.

We’ve been killing it at the burger game lately. This beauty below was a result of the weekend prior’s food prep, fresh avocado & the perfect amount of sriracha topping. Dan is the grill master and anything I do never matches up. He’s happy that I’m so dependent.

Salmon Burgers

{Costco Salmon Burgers + Thin wheat buns + Mozzarella + Avocado + Sriracha}

Feeling even better, we had a special visit from mom, dad, Bailey and Bella for some landscaping work (more house help). Dan was out golfing in preparation for  his tournament next weekend, but when he came home he was greeted with kisses, wags and puppy dog eyes galore!

What else am I missing… oh yeah – I Ran! duh

Saturday Morning: 5 quick miles with Dan

Sunday Morning: 12 refreshing miles solo – nothing but good tunes and my thoughts.

Since I’ve been awful this month about my morning runs / Nike Training Club Goals, I’ve self prescribed myself a few more miles over and beyond my 100 as motivation to get out in this week’s forecast of sun and 70 degree weather.

How was your weekend?

heart JE

Week 15: Cohabitation

Disclaimer: I re-read last week’s cohabitation post and I don’t remember writing any of it, but it sounds like Dan and I had a nice week together!

This week was a lot less time together but I feel like a lot more quality time we were able to spend.

A huge highlight for Dan was picking up a new video game, Injustice; Gods Among Us on Monday night for another midnight launch party. The game is a Mortal Kombat inspired fighting game but with comic book superheroes instead. He’s spent a good portion of the week while I’ve either been running or tapping away at the laptop playing his games like a child on spring break.

Huge spoiler alert – he plays as Batman. Shocking, I know.

A huge help for the week was our weekend food prep! After each long night we had quick and easy meals to fix, and actually we still have a lot remaining for the weekend. Dan has been unbelievably resourceful the past few months as he’s found the soup loop <– technical term –> and brings home the cafeteria’s excess soup (for free) when the options are delectable. Last night and the night before were sausage lentil then barley mushroom.

(Free) Soup is the key to my heart.

1. Somewhere over the Ross Island Bridge we saw a double rainbow

2. Minty fresh outfit with grayling jewelry + signature curly hair

3. Salmon burgers (costco) with mozzarella + avocado made by my sweetheart

4. Chocolate dipped strawberries for a work birthday potluck

I’ve been proud of myself for getting 12 miles in on weeknights so far this week – I have warmer temperatures and longer nights to thank – but most importantly the love and support constantly given to me by my wonderful Daniel.

This weekend Dan will be up and away practicing for his big birthday weekend golf tournament. I want him to do well so I’m all for his extra time hitting the links – good luck, babe!

heart JE

Countdown: Tough Mudder

Today marks 2 months to the day until we embark on another Tough Mudder adventure.

Tough Mudder events are 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces that test your strength and stamina while forcing you to work together as a team and to finish strong, despite electric shock, freezing cold water and plenty of mud to go around.

Last year Brooke, Brad and I headed up to the Whistler Olympic Park in June to experience our first event and somehow we felt foolish enough to sign up and pay again to participate in a venue closer to home – Fossil, OR. This time around we were able to sucker Dan and a few other poor souls into facing the certain blood, sweat and tears waiting for us in Fossil this summer.

To give you a taste of what we’re up against, watch the latest hype video shared on Tough Mudder’s Facebook Page.

Quoting the site, we are supposed to “expect a hefty dose of mud, ice, fire, and electric shocks to test whether or not we’re tough enough to earn the coveted orange headband and an ice cold Dos Equis at the finish line.”

So far we’ve been doing the usual training, including long runs, body weight workouts and a #dirtyhairdontcare attitude, but this training schedule will ramp up significantly to prep for the next 60 days.

I guess first we need to find a hotel, don’t we?

If you want to check out my take-aways from last year, visit one of the very first posts ever written on this site.

Wish us luck with the rest of training!

heart JE

30 Miles + Many Smiles

Another weekend come and gone, and everything about it was time well spent!

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and my mister was home all weekend – not working, not playing golf and not sleeping in. Bliss.

{Credit to my neighbors, beautiful flowers!}

More Running for Days

If you remember that last weekend I ran 20 miles you’d call me crazy for the goal I set for myself this weekend.

20 miles in two days was a worthy challenge, so I decided to shoot for 30 from Friday – Sunday to put myself where I need to be for the month.

  • Friday 7:20 pm – 7 Miles
  • Saturday 8:40 am – 11 Miles
  • Sunday 9:20 am – 12 Miles

 Why would I set my goal at 30 miles in three days?

1. It reaffirms that I can do anything I set my mind to.

2. I’ve been worthless at getting mileage during the week and I see that trend continuing through the end of May.

3. Why not?


After my Saturday morning run, this is what I had waiting for me on the counter, piping hot:

{Eggs + Avocados + Jalapenos + Mozzarella}

{Poor Man’s Mimosa: Light or Wheat beer topped off with Orange Juice}

Dan is becoming quite the contributor to the magic made in the kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. The rumors are that he’s been known to live off of Mac n’ Hot Dogs – which proves that he’s had to really step up his game to keep the woman in his life happy. Thanks, dear!

Special Visitor

We had a special visit from Tanna (Happy Birthday week!) and Olive on Saturday and they were happy to meet Dan for the first time. It wasn’t the usual girl-chatty catch up sessions Tanna and I are used to, but we are looking forward to some warmer weather where we can get take walks in the park and take adorable photos of miss Olive feeding ducks at the pond.

Onto the Next

Sorry, Tiger Woods – you didn’t reclaim the green jacket but I hear you’ve still got years and years ahead of you before you retire. Next time. We’re still happy to have a son named after you.

Is it weird that I was excited to get to my desk this morning? I have a suspicious feeling that this is going to be another quality week for myself and my team.

heart JE