Tough Mudder #2

First I want to say another Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad! I didn’t get to spend any of the weekend with him but mom treated him right and we will celebrate properly later this week. It sounds like all of you out there also have pretty remarkable dads. That makes me happy.

This weekend was Tough Mudder #2 for me and it was fun to drag Dan along – even if it meant having to watch the DVR version of the US Open when we got home.

Brooke was awesome and drove us East to the city of Fossil where we witnessed the other side of Oregon that those of us from the city often forget about. Fossil, OR is a place where there’s no cell service and a simpler way of life on the ranch.

Or way of life on the ranch was anything but ‘simple‘, but at least we had a fun stay!

Quick Hits – then I’m hitting the pillow!

  • Last year I only made it over 3 of 4 walls, this year I made it over all 4 (with 2 slanted toward us!)
  • Last year I fell multiple times on Everest and never made it up (I quit) and this year I made it up the first time!
  • Having Dan there was the extra boost I needed to get me through ❤
  • Dan was a sweetheart and crashed into the water on the monkey bars before me, just to make it less embarrassing when I fell in on the first rung
  • Arctic Enema was actually a welcome relief from the warm temperatures
  • I had a ‘Brain Reboot” (blacked out) for a moment through Electric Eel. I opened my eyes, heard white noise and just kept crawling.

Sorry for not many photos, my iPhone was stored in our bag pretty quick once we made it to the venue – you’ll have to wait for the official race photos!

Thanks for a fun weekend, friends!

And yes, this was me on the monkey bars.


Weekend Links: Tough Mudder Style

Tuesday morning those of us who are participating in the 2013 Oregon Tough Mudder received this photo with a friendly reminder to not worry because “if you’re scared…… you can pee yourself. Everyone knows you can’t see pee in the mud.”

Thanks Big Mudder!

This will be my second Tough Mudder event and I’ll be joining my wonderful friends Brooke and her man friend Brad, while dragging Dan along for the torture fun!

In the words of Big Mudder, the vents are “hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.”

I will promise to do my best, but can see something like this happening when I go to grab the monkey bars.

Last time Brooke went Beast-Mode on the same monkey bars and I am looking forward to being inspired by her once again.

Enough from me, here’s the links!

Wish us luck, last time I came home bruised from head to toe!


heart JE

Restaurant Review | Mellow Mushroom

I hope that everyone had as wonderful of a 3-day weekend as I did and thank you for staying patient while I took Martin Luther King Jr. day off from both work and blogging – a girl needs her rest!

This is an easy post as I’m still in a bit of a food coma while I write this  so pardon me if I trail off mid-sentence with a drool streak.

For a MLK + Inauguration day celebrations Dan and I were invited by our good friends Brooke and Brad to visit Mellow Mushroom for an all-out lunch and day drinking extravaganza.  We had visited previously the restaurant for both a friend’s birthday and for pre-New Years Eve dinner plans and can say that it’s one of our favorite pizza locations in Portland. We haven’t yet been disappointed and have barely covered all of the incredible options on the menu.

They are predominantly located in Southeastern states with a few locations moving West… and only one location in Oregon that we are lucky enough to have only a few minutes drive from home and work.

What’s even greater about Mellow Mushroom is that on Monday’s they have an All Day special where any of their beers originally priced $5.50 and under per pint (as long as its under 8% abv) are only $2.00. This isn’t just a deal for the light beers and canned varieties – it’s for well crafted, top quality, local and domestic micro brews. You could go there every day for a week and not order the same thing twice. <– That is a challenge.


What We Ate:

1 Medium House Special Pizza ($20.00)

Red sauce base with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, ham, Applewood smoked bacon, mushrooms, black olives, Roma tomatoes, green peppers and onions. Topped with extra mozzarella.

[Previously we’ve eaten the Philosopher’s Pie –

Olive oil and garlic base, all natural grilled steak, Portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, Provolone, feta and mozzarella cheeses.]

What We Drank:

Beers on beers on beers. I had three (Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, Goose Island 312, Vertigo Raspberry Wheat) and Dan had four dark stout varieties that met his requirements for a good drink.

In addition, we all had a round of Irish Car bombs that sealed the deal on our day drinking. Martin wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Know Before You Go:

  • Oh what – a Beer Club? In case you plan to try new beers and earn points for them.
  • Remember that Monday night happy hour ^^ it’s important when you’re planning your nights out.
  • They’re Social – Check out their Facebook or Twitter
  • Address: 1411 NW Flanders St Portland, OR 97209
  • Hours: All days 11am-10pm // Friday & Saturday open until 11pm.
  • View their drool-worthy Menu here

I’m going to have to take my parents here, I have a feeling that my dad would find a few pizzas on the menu irresistible!

❤ JE