April’s Eight Great Goals

If you were anywhere near Portland this weekend you already know how great I’m going to say my Easter weekend was. So that’s a story I’ll save for a different day – Tomorrow if you’re lucky

Today our focus here is on April and looking forward to what it may bring.

First of all, it definitely will bring a lot of smoothies.

The trick? Toss any fresh fruits or veggies into a blender, add protein, sample, pour and watch that smile on your face grow! Some pinspiration for other smoothie drinkers here.

More pressure will be on us at work, coming upon the end of the fiscal year in 60 days and needed to be on my A game non-stop. This hustle at work will make the days go by faster and clearly will make the weekends more valuable. I plan on spending a lot of time doing what I enjoy and making certain that Dan and I are having fun together when he’s not out teeing it up on the weekends and whenever the sun decides to poke out from behind the clouds.

Eight Great Goals

1. Always have fresh flowers in the house and at my desk. There’s beautiful daffodils in my backyard that I’ve been clipping and looking at in my home – so I want to make sure that I am always changing it up, keeping it fresh, and getting signs of spring everyday of the month.

2. Keep a food diary where I write down every last crumb that I consume – I’ve heard that can help to keep you more aware of what you’re putting into your body and ultimately help you to make better choices in dire moments of snacking and hunger.

3. It is a little sad that we have anxiety about setting this goal and it might sound like too many for you – but Dan and I like stopping for latte’s in the morning on the way to work… really like. This month we are only going to have seven latte’s each and hopefully can save a little money in the process.

4. Landscaping fun at our house to get everything beautiful and groomed for the summer. There’s old plants to uproot, weeding to be done, raking of leaves that have fallen and plenty to keep us busy.

5. After dinner in the evening if the weather is dry Dan and I are going to put our walking shoes on and go count puppies in the neighborhood rather than watch re-runs or the 5th inning from our reclining chairs.

6. For the 6th goal, I’d like to run at least six times in the morning before work. Pack my outfit and lay out my clothes the night before, get up early, drive to work, run, shower, and be well prepared for my day. This should be easy to do next week especially as Dan won’t be carpooling with me due to his 9 day vacation – so that’s why the goal goes above and beyond what I can accomplish in one week alone. I also need to go to six NTC sessions this month – it’s been a few weeks since I’ve attended.

7. Dan’s birthday is coming up this month and I’d like to make his 28 on the 28th a special one. He will be representing his golf league on that day thanks to his victory last year so I’ll have to find ways to work around it. However, I don’t think he can imagine a better way to spend his day on the course hitting the links!

8. Oops – Dan chiming in here… “Your last goal should be to hit a golf ball 50 yards (in the air)”. Looks like we’re going to the driving range!

April is normally one of my favorite days of the year to get my prank on, so we will see what I get into with my family, my co-workers and of course – Dan! I expect to see several “fake” engagements on my facebook feed so just know that I’m ready for you!

Thanks for hanging around another month – look forward to hearing about the sunny weekend tomorrow!

heart JE


March’s Eight Great Goals

Ah, March – what do you plan to bring?

More responsibility, more puppy fun, more photos, more love, more smiles, more silliness, more laughter, more improvement, more sleep? I honestly hope all of the above!

Daylight Saving time will have an amazing impact on my outlook. Look at the Sunrise/Sunset times for Portland! With the sun out later in the evening it means that I won’t be as grumpy leaving work late, won’t have the urge to hibernate, will want to run longer and will be able to take more photos with the beloved natural light! If this isn’t reason to celebrate then I have my priorities all wrong.

What are my priorities you ask? That’s a great segue into March’s Eight Great Goals – see, easy month already!

Eight Great Goals

1. When laundry is done, fold it immediately. When dishes are dirty, scrub them and put them in the dishwasher. When mail is in the mailbox, bring it in, sort it and find a home for it. When something is deemed ‘recyclable’ – put it in the recycling area out of sight. You get the picture. The goal is to not allow things to pile up around the house. It only causes me undue stress and won’t be good for the added stress I’ll see at work over the next three months.

2. Create a blogging calendar and follow it. Keep drafts of posts, start collecting pictures, all of the things that I scramble to do the night before I publish a post can be taken care of days in advance and I should really force myself to get on that schedule. I know that I had a similar goal last month and failed miserably at it, but if I set my mind to it I will find myself enjoying the evening and getting to bed on time rather than always telling Dan, “sorry, I still have to write, edit photos, schedule, draft, etc”. I feel like a broken record.

3. Eat at restaurants only five times. The entire month! Dan and I are going to Mo’s for Chowder tonight in Newport to kick off the beach weekend with my family, so after that we had better plan wisely. We made it to Subway several times for Februany and we should really focus on eating the food we’ve bought from the grocery store and that we’ve prepped.

4. Can you believe that I still haven’t met little miss Olive who is now four months old? Her mama and I have been in touch but haven’t been able to make it happen yet. This month there is no excuse that can stop me from seeing Tanna & Olive (hopefully Greg too!)

5. Do. Not. Drop. My. iPhone. I have a terrible reputation for dropping my phone often and unfortunately Dan is the main witness of this awful mistake. Butterfingers? Unaware? Careless? Hands full of groceries and bags? I’m not sure what the reason is but this month and forever forward I will pay special attention to the way I’m carrying my phone.

6. Make my desk area at work a happy place. I’ve brought in my coffee maker and have a cute tray that holds all coffee supplies…  but what I really need are some photos, fresh flowers, personal touches and a space that brings me light in the darkest of times.

7. Allow myself to say ‘no’. I have always been one to say ‘yes’ to show my commitment, my great attitude, my enthusiasm and my desire to make an impact. There will be times in my personal life and my career where I need to be comfortable with saying ‘no’.

8. Drink 48 ounces of water every day before noon. This is a no brainer – if you drink water, your skin will look better, you won’t overeat out of a disconnect between your stomach and your brain, and you’ll flush out the bad toxins that plague your body without warning. If I get 48 ounces in before noon, it will set me up for success for the rest of the day.

I know that setting eight goals may seem like a lot, but each of these in their own way will bring me happiness, organization, preparation, and escape that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to pinpoint and hone in on. It’s a learning experience!

What are your goals? Do you set goals for yourself daily, weekly, monthly? How do you keep track of your accomplishments?

❤ JE

February’s Eight Great Goals

Welcome, February! Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable – I’ve been waiting for you.

January has always been one of my least favorite months as far as months go and I’ve heard others say that too. It’s a rude awakening from the holidays, the days are short, the nights are cold and my heat, energy and water bills are off the charts in comparison. I’d like to shine some positive light on January as a time to restart, to renew and for new beginnings – but truly every month should be approached this way. Just like everyday should be like Valentine’s Day and you should call your mother more than only on her birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day. Little things.

This month is sure to present some challenges, like more dreary & cold weather,  three less days to complete 100 miles or that our workforce of three will drop down to two (ahh!). With all of the madness presented in those challenges there’s still so much more to look forward to. Loving and nurturing Tiger, a no-frills baby shower invite, Super Bowl shenanigans, another 90 minute massage, return of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Bailey’s 1 and a half year birthday(!!!), girls night birthday fun, seeing Amanda (hopefully) when she makes her first visit to Portland after her big career move, continuing to live with my wonderful boyfriend …and so much more I don’t even know about!

Let’s get down to it, my mission for the month!

February’s Eight Great Goals:

1. Follow Amanda from RunToTheFinish in her #BestFoot challenge to Eat a Clean Breakfast every day in February

2. Read a book, cover to cover, for the pure pleasure of reading. Any suggestions are welcome – what have you read lately?

3. Practice my pool game before brother comes home in March.

4. Spend some serious time at mom and dad’s house to go through ‘the archives’ that they’ve been holding onto my entire life since I moved out 7 years ago.

5Encourage Dan to play golf and never ask that he does otherwise.

6. Pre-write 3 posts per week to eliminate some time constraints and pressures when it comes to delivering content by 8am.

7. Comment on other blogger’s posts and participate in this worldwide community.

8. Log four 10-mile runs in preparation for my second #ToughMudder (first mudder here).

That seems like more than enough to keep me busy in the short 28 days. I am excited to share more with you as you share more with me!

❤ JE

January Summary

Since Throwback Thursday is tomorrow I will have to switch up the post schedule a little. I’m happy to share my month in review just one day early to keep on track with how much I love to share some photos from my past with you.

January somehow has come and gone and I feel like so much has changed in my life in just the past few weeks. I’ve had to change my day-to-day routine and share my commute with Dan which has caused me to become aware of a few of my stress triggers I’ve learned to manage on my own time. I have been trying really hard to decompress before leaving work for the day but sometimes it carries over into our ‘us’ time and frankly ain’tnobodygottimefo’dat.  I’m beyond thrilled that the month almost over is a tiny hint of a few things that are making me smile. We can look forward to more daylight, less rain in my dreams and a short month full of  fun days including a baby shower, the super bowl and a lovely weekend with Dan for Valentine’s celebrations.

If you’ve missed a few posts, here’s a round up of a few key moments from the month you may have missed:


  • Successfully moved Dan across town to what we now call our home.
  • Still in my new job and enjoying the process of learning every day.. I even ‘graduated’  (whoo-hoo)
  • Started using my DSLR again and am making serious efforts to use it more often.
  • Put together (sort of) my first outfit post.

Great Eats:

Great Memories:

Takes the cake:

One of my most favorite unexpected memories from the last month was when my mom texted me and told me that Dad had a new favorite song, and even Bailey thought that it was F*%^&#$ awesome. They’ve been poppin’ tags ever since:

Here’s to February! A new month means new memories!

❤ JE

January’s Eight Great Goals + 2013 Resolutions

Is everyone rested up? I am!

Now that I’ve had ample time to mentally prepare for returning to reality after an amazing holiday break, I think it’s time to share my January’s Eight Great Goals and also share the 2013 resolutions that have been on my mind the past few weeks.

Eight Great Goals

1. Make time during the workday to actually enjoy my lunch rather than working through it at my desk.

2. Lose the 5 pounds that I’ve put on during the holidays by January 31st – and maybe more if it comes off easily! (hint: drink water!!)

3. Assist Dan in a successful move from Southwest Beaverton to Southeast Portland.

4. No consuming food after 9pm!

5. Clean out my car – my trunk is a graveyard for things I never use but always think I’ll need.

6. Attend 5 NTC sessions on top of my usual 100 running miles. (1,278 miles logged in 2012)

7. 5 servings a day of Fruits & Veggies + an increase protein intake.

8. Each night write down one thing from that day that made me smile – like a calendar journal.

I put a lot of thought into these goals and really think that if I keep them close to me I will be able to achieve each and every one of them.

And now what you’ve been waiting for – a list of 2,013 things that I want to accomplish this year…


JUST kidding – I only have five resolutions I’m publicly committing to!

1. NO using my phone while I’m the driver of a vehicle and the car is in motion. The risk isn’t worth the reward.

2. Respect others for who they are and see the good in them no matter what I may think. The world needs more r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

3. Golf 9 holes with Dan while keeping score – and not look like a jerk doing it!

4. Meal Planning for both Dan & I. More structure up front, less poor and hungry decisions later.

5. Smarter spending and back on the saving train. I got carried away during the holiday season.

What are some of your resolutions this year? Whatever they are, believe in yourself to achieve them.

❤ JE

November’s Eight Great Goals

November is going to be an amazing month with so much to look forward to!

Brother comes home + 10 consecutive days off from work + 3 paydays + thanksgiving + Fakesgiving + 25th birthday + Mom’s birthday + brunch dates + Election day + 90 minute massage + holiday shopping + mom’s first Karaoke! + Beach time + Vine Gogh + serious sweat sessions + Dan time off + “fall back” + iPhone 5 + this cute iPhone 5 case  = SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

November’s Eight Great Goals

1. #GOvember – sweat EVERY DAY. Follow along with Brooke and I using hashtag #GOvember

2. Attend 5 Nike Training Club classes (on top of running 100 miles)

3. Beat brother at 3 games of Pool out of 100

4. Volunteer / help a family in need – food, clothing, money donation

5. Film Witness mom karaoke while Matt is home (which is also on her never-to-do list)

6. Eat Paleo for 1 week – infographic here

7. Pack up personal belongings at work (aftermath of this)

8. Complete one pull up (Dan and I) thanks to last week’s controversy… Brooke says it best

So excited for the upcoming 30 days!

❤ JE

October’s Eight Great Goals

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was spent at home with my family and while it couldn’t have gone quicker, I feel more relaxed and revived than ever on a Monday.

To go along with the end of the month summary that I started last week I’d like to inspire the start of a new month with a new series called Eight Great Goals. Why eight? Because it rhymes with great. Obvi.

Goal setting has always been important to me whether it be setting deadlines, crossing off a To-Do list or meeting a running quota for the month. My goals are set with an end state in mind. They are attainable, they are often stepping out of my routine (into a better one) and ultimately are ways I’d like to make improvements in the long term by creating habits in the short term.

While setting goals may not be as familiar to many of you or only done in January as “New Year’s Resolutions”, it can often be challenging to either think of some or to follow them as you envision when you set them.

How to: Set Goals

How I begin the goal setting process is by brainstorming. Trust me when I say that I jotted close to 20 items down in my initial draft and had to choose the ones that are the most important to me, the ones I felt I can achieve and ones that are measurable.

Set goals that you are passionate about, that challenge you, that encourage you to stop and smell the roses and that make you a better you.

Make your goals specific. Instead of “work out more” make it “work out for 5 hours this week” or “earn 4,000 Nike+ Fuel each day”.

How to: Stay Accountable to Goals

Write your goals down where you will see them everyday. Seeing and reading your goals each day will keep them in the forefront of your mind and keep you in check.

Make an action plan for how you plan to achieve your goals. Progress isn’t made overnight, but it does start with small steps and serious commitment to get where you want to be.

Share your goals with others and make them public. You’ll want cheerleaders and people to recognize your hard work.

How to: Measure Progress Toward Goals

Track your progress using your action plan – you won’t be able to cross off a goal everyday, but you can review your mini-goals that push you forward.

Place reminders into your schedule using calendars, alarms and timers. This way you have a scheduled allotment of time to do your daily work (cleaning, exercise, etc) that you can stick to.

How to: Post Goal Evaluation

At the end of your time window (a week, a month, a few months) take a look at your goals and one-by-one check them off if you were able to meet or exceed them.

Ask yourself why you set that goal, how you feel after accomplishing it or not accomplishing it, what helped you or what stood in your way? Evaluating your goals is nearly as important as setting them.

Draft more goals using what you learned about yourself to help you create a successful experience.

My Eight Great Goals:

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink 100 ounces of water daily, no excuses.
2. Build a weekly meal plan and follow it. CleanEatingMag.com has great Meal Plans to keep on target and even builds a shopping list!
3. Plan and lay out outfits for the week on Sundays using this new rack to display them.
4. Follow a daily Cleaning Schedule.
5. Host a family garage sale!
6. Organize my jewelry collection and display it.
7. Consciously unwind for 30 minutes each day – candles, light reading, tea and bubble baths.
8. Eliminate electronics from bedtime (except alarm setting and kindle reading, Dan!)

Follow along! What are your eight great goals this month?

❤ JE