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Catching Z’s

This weekend was what every weekend should be.

On Friday Dan and I were able to escape the West side at 4:15pm and we headed straight to the restaurant we go to as a reward if we make it home before 6pm. This restaurant isn’t necessarily our ‘favorite’, but it’s a checkpoint for whether we suck at life or if we have a good work-life balance. Most days we don’t make it home before 6pm and since that’s when happy hour ends we use it as our benchmark. We haven’t been able to make it for a few months so I’d say we are failing, but it makes the reward SO worth it when we’re good.

What’s the reward? Margarita’s for $2.45!

But what’s even better than happy hour after a long week’s work? The sleep that comes after filling yourself with tortilla chips and margaritas.

Dan and I, no joke, were in our pajamas and sawing logs by 6:15 pm on Friday night. You’d think we would have woken up at some weird time and couldn’t fall back to sleep, but no – we slept all the way until the morning. It was THE best Friday I’ve had in a long time. I wasn’t even mad that I broke my Fuelband streak, the rest was unbeatable.

Dan had to wake up early on Saturday {sucker!} for a double-work day, but I made the most of the empty bed and slept until 9:30 before heading out for a 9 mile run.

After the run any guesses what I did? I napped. For four hours.

The rest I needed this weekend was long overdue and Dan agrees that we need to spend more time dreaming about bunnies than stressing over spreadsheets.

Of course I didn’t just lay around, I had to catch up on a few runs to get to my 33 miles by June 10th checkpoint.

Running Stats:

  • Saturday: 9 Miles
  • Sunday: 9 Miles
  • Monday at 4:15am : 5 Miles

I happily wore no makeup this weekend, had the first samples of the raspberries growing in our backyard, prepped my meals for the week and pre-wrote a few posts for you. Nothing like productivity to start the week off on the right foot.

Even better was having the two golden sisters over to visit Sunday night.

What did you do this weekend? I can’t wait to hear about it!

heart JE

Timeout: Cute GIFs

I really need to plan ahead, but it’s that time of month again at the day-job where I can’t spare another minute, not even to recap my weekend away as promised. I want to do the weekend wedding post justice and don’t know that I’ll be able to articulate very well after staring at the glow of my laptop for 16 hours on Tuesday. 

If you’re new around here, I recommend you check out a post from two months again that I will continue to reference because 1. I love my losing song and 2. I don’t know if this feeling will ever change during the first week of the month as long as I’m in my job.

Link to the post: Under the Bridge

Once you’re done reading there, how do you feel about adorable GIFs from Buzzfeed?

See all 40 here

See you again tomorrow!

heart JE


Week 15: Cohabitation

Disclaimer: I re-read last week’s cohabitation post and I don’t remember writing any of it, but it sounds like Dan and I had a nice week together!

This week was a lot less time together but I feel like a lot more quality time we were able to spend.

A huge highlight for Dan was picking up a new video game, Injustice; Gods Among Us on Monday night for another midnight launch party. The game is a Mortal Kombat inspired fighting game but with comic book superheroes instead. He’s spent a good portion of the week while I’ve either been running or tapping away at the laptop playing his games like a child on spring break.

Huge spoiler alert – he plays as Batman. Shocking, I know.

A huge help for the week was our weekend food prep! After each long night we had quick and easy meals to fix, and actually we still have a lot remaining for the weekend. Dan has been unbelievably resourceful the past few months as he’s found the soup loop <– technical term –> and brings home the cafeteria’s excess soup (for free) when the options are delectable. Last night and the night before were sausage lentil then barley mushroom.

(Free) Soup is the key to my heart.

1. Somewhere over the Ross Island Bridge we saw a double rainbow

2. Minty fresh outfit with grayling jewelry + signature curly hair

3. Salmon burgers (costco) with mozzarella + avocado made by my sweetheart

4. Chocolate dipped strawberries for a work birthday potluck

I’ve been proud of myself for getting 12 miles in on weeknights so far this week – I have warmer temperatures and longer nights to thank – but most importantly the love and support constantly given to me by my wonderful Daniel.

This weekend Dan will be up and away practicing for his big birthday weekend golf tournament. I want him to do well so I’m all for his extra time hitting the links – good luck, babe!

heart JE

Week 14: Cohabitation

I think this is the space where I can gloat that I tied for first place in my Men’s NCAA Bracket pool and beat Dan by at least 10 picks. It’s too bad I didn’t have a wager on my selections because I’d be looking for ways to spend some hot cash right about now.

Okay, I can’t begin this post ragging on Dan, he’s had a hard week. He’s been sleeping in till noon, staying up past 1am and staying in his pajamas to watch the pre, post, mid, live and iPad updated coverage of the Masters. This sums up his week from home:

Again, kidding! He has really earned this week off over the past few months and I couldn’t be more of an advocate for days off here and there for the both of us.

If we rewind to the beginning of the week, it was necessary that we go out to the movies on Monday night before our Cinetopia groupon vouchers were going to expire. Near and dear to him in the theaters was Evil Dead – so against my better judgment I agreed and endured a gory night made tolerable only by a Subway sunrise melt, a bucket of popcorn, comfortable seats and the hand-holding I was offered by a very-into-the-movie Dan.

1. Subway dinner pre-movie

2. Tickets + popcorn voucher for Monday night showing of Evil Dead

3. Empty theater = dibs on our favorite seats

4. Tuesday night surprise – my white stallion with a latte delivery!!

Wednesday turned into a late night for both of us with his Intramural basketball game and some lingering work duties. I opted to go for a run in the crisp evening air, and he made certain that a well rounded dinner would be ready on the table upon my sweaty return.

Spaghetti + Sauce + Chicken Sausage + Asparagus makes for a very solid post workout meal!

5. Got home at 8pm and laced up for a run!

6. Returned from the 5 mile run and had a handsome man working away in the kitchen

7. Grilled asparagus… he’s seriously the best!

8. To top it off – he bought me flowers at work as part of the Bloomfest fundraiser.

Lastly you see those beautiful flowers, he got them for me through the Easter Seals Bloomfest fundraiser and they have been putting a smile on my face since they arrived to my work building on Thursday.

You can really tell how the week has been as I was woken up from a deep reclined couch sleep last night with an unfinished blog and a drafted work email open on my screen. I’m looking forward to the weekend and doing nothing but running and being with my sweetheart.

What are you up to?

heart JE

Friday Fun

You’ll be happy to know that I got to show up to work at a normal time today.

Normal time meaning after sunrise, after hearing birds chirping – even after clipping some beautiful flowers out of my yard for a desk arrangement!

I am so glad to wrap up this week. I feel like everything has been a complete rush and feel bad that the first two weeks of my new co-workers jobs have been stressful, pressured and tied to strict deadlines. They have done such a great job and I really have them to thank for feeling so good about today and the opportunity as a team going forward. It pays to have a great work dynamic and  I couldn’t be more excited about the coming months.

Dan has work off starting Monday the 8th through the 15th (Tax day!) so as you can imagine I’m pretty excited for him and looking forward to a great weekend together and having a stress free boyfriend to come home to next week. Hopefully also dinner to come home to, but that’s a different story!

The plus side of being so busy lately… everything is NEW to me on Pinterest! So tie up your pony and spiky-o-saurus and click these links!

– Apparently cohabitation has a bad reputation

These Avocado/Lentil Enchiladas look like fun for the weekend!

– This week I went back to my high desk so that I can stand most of the day – read here why you should avoid sitting!

– WHEN we eat during the day does matter

– I am still wearing scarves into spring and love this and this.

– #CantLie I’m actually looking forward to this game – Mortal Kombat but with super heroes: Injustice Gods Among Us

– 10 great tips for better meal planning.

Placemats that match my bedding and other great things.

Go on, do good, and have a fantastic weekend!

heart JE

Week 11: Cohabitation

Did everyone fill out a March Madness bracket?

I did, along with Dan, and don’t have any money on the line for my picks {read: guesses}. As I edit this, we both have 13/16 picks correct and didn’t even consult one another in the draft process. We both haven’t paid enough attention to any sports seasons this fall/winter to really “care” and the only thing we watched loyally and without distraction has been The Walking Dead and The Biggest Loser.

Going in blind to the bracket creation process really relieved a lot of the stress and worry about scenario play-outs that I would have experienced if I even knew the school colors of my selections. I know nothing except seed and I was able to call the Oregon upset over Oklahoma state, much like many of my native Oregonian co-workers.

I didn’t get much running in this week but when I was able to I had a clear mind along with me. So clear that I finally took a moment to capture and share this stretch that always puts a smile on my face. Go home, sidewalk! You’re drunk!

Speaking of feeling a little wobbly, Dan and I have found a new favorite location if we’re ever arriving in the neighborhood early on a Monday through Friday. Last weekend we learned that there were margarita’s for $1.99 at La Carreta on weekdays from 4-6pm so on Thursday night when we were passing through at 5:27 he suggested that we stop. As soon as we bellied up to the bar to watch an UNLV upset we were able to squeeze a few limes into a few margaritas and call it a good night.

This was a great week for Dan (and Batman) because if you didn’t know any better you’d think this was my boyfriend from his facebook photo. He’s in love with this combination of two of his favorite things besides me and golf – Batman and Nike. I can see this living in our home someday soon – have any preferred vendors who would make an amazing poster, canvas transfer out of this one? I’m thinking CostCo.

Dan had a lot of time on his hands this week as he planned to take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. A co-worker became sick and rather than allowing their newest teammate to be left alone, he volunteered to swap out Wednesday’s day off for Friday instead so that he could attend granny’s funeral and be there to support me and my family. I was really proud of decision, not only for the family circumstances but also for his integrity to help out a co-worker in need. He always reassures me of what a good, kind and caring heart he has.

The funeral service for granny is this afternoon at 1pm and I’m lucky to have a manager who is flexible and understanding of how important it is for me to attend. As she turns it into a labor of love, mom was on point to arrange beautiful flowers for the service. Pink, granny’s favorite color, will surround her in her last moments in the church before she descends into the ground for eternal sleep.

Thanks again for all of your support this week – we are really looking forward to being surrounded by family and love this afternoon and the entire weekend.

heart JE