Friday Links to Love

Hey guys, did you hear that you can now capture and share mini-videos on instagram? R.I.P Vine.

I hope this doesn’t mean that my 45 minutes I currently spend on insta will turn into an hour to view all of the clips. I also hope I don’t try to be all artsy or cute with the new capabilities. I’m just getting used to text and arrows on my photos!

This week has been a long one. From delivering some bad news in a meeting yesterday to continually adding work to my desk, I’ve pretty much had all I can take. 

You’re in luck though, because that means I got all of these links for you!

Go on, you can be excited!

– 15 Cartoon Characters with beauty tips to borrow

– This is how I’ve been tying my shoes since I was 10, you’ve been doing it wrong your whole life!

Mobility & Functional Human Monvement (fascinating!)

16 pet photos that belong in a museum

– The Minnesota Twins’ ball boy makes a beautiful life-saving catch

– Want to improve yourself? Have a Freaking Goal!

– 30 Minute Cardio Interval Workout

Have an amazing weekend, all!

heart JE


Timeout: Cute GIFs

I really need to plan ahead, but it’s that time of month again at the day-job where I can’t spare another minute, not even to recap my weekend away as promised. I want to do the weekend wedding post justice and don’t know that I’ll be able to articulate very well after staring at the glow of my laptop for 16 hours on Tuesday. 

If you’re new around here, I recommend you check out a post from two months again that I will continue to reference because 1. I love my losing song and 2. I don’t know if this feeling will ever change during the first week of the month as long as I’m in my job.

Link to the post: Under the Bridge

Once you’re done reading there, how do you feel about adorable GIFs from Buzzfeed?

See all 40 here

See you again tomorrow!

heart JE



Did everyone have an amazing weekend like we had?

Friday night when I got home after typical afternoon traffic, I caught Dan in the kitchen popping the tab on the new Bud Light Margaritas and salting the rims on our fancy swoosh glassware. I threw my arms around him and thanked him for being the greatest boyfriend of all time.

Little did I know; he was boozin’ me up so that I would sit happily and quietly yeah right while watching the Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat Game 3.

Little did he know; I was exhausted from the week and was sawing logs in the recliner by 6:45 pm.

…It’s tough being such a party animal.

Saturday morning after a quick run in the neighborhood, Dan headed to work at his second job at a golf course while I got ready for breakfast in the gorge with mom and grandma. We wanted to avoid the ‘mother’s day brunch’ so we made reservations at the Multnomah Falls Lodge where we had a great view of the waterfall and enjoyed some delicious plates.

*disclaimer: I didn’t take photos of the falls because I want to take Dan in June!

^Veggie omelette with ooey gooey cheese^

It was a great opportunity to catch grandma up on what Dan and I have been up to the past few months along with the exciting things I’ve been a part of at work. I also got to meet her new kitten – Dan is begging me to take him out to visit as well!

For the sake of brevity, we’ll talk about mother’s day tomorrow, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with the beautiful flowers that stopped me in my tracks on my 9 mile Sunday run. It’s important to stop and smell (read: photograph) the flowers.

Have a great week!

heart JE


Thanks for not throwing things at me on Friday for lamely re-directing you to another post that explained how I was feeling – a quality post just wasn’t going to happen.

Some things that did happen on Friday:

  • Scrambled and flustered practice-round presentation
  • A slap in my own face for revealing how scrambled I felt to my team and manager
  • Twenty minutes to myself to get game-time ready
  • A solid, composed and confident presentation when it counted.
  • A celebration patio beer with the team Except they got lunch too
  • A surprise work-birthday party… followed by not much other work.
  • Supergoose IPA in the sun while waiting for Dan to meet me at the theater
  • Iron Man 3 (great flick!)
  • Crashed hard when we got home at 10pm

Saturday morning Dan and I woke up early and refreshed. We quickly packed a bag (that held mostly our electronic devices) and hit the open road to meet up with my parents and little sisters at the coast.

The sun roof open and our sunglasses on the entire trip made us feel like it was mid-July. While the temperatures crept into the high 70’s and the rays of the sun soaked into our skin we felt nothing but joy, relief and a youthful nostalgia of summer break. We talked more in that two hour car ride than we’ve talked in the last few months, and even though a good majority of it was about work – it felt great to listen to his voice, talk about ways we can help each other and get inside of each other’s heads more than the usual “what do you want for dinner, how was your day, did you feed Tiger” conversations.

Unwinding for the weekend was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and definitely helped me with my ‘be spontaneous’ goal. As you can imagine, no additional work for the week was done for this blog, no work was done, no food prep was accomplished and we’ll have to save our Costco trip for another day.

And I’m fine with that, because nothing can beat a sunset like this one.

heart JE

Golden Weekend

I’m so rested from this weekend – come at me, May!

Despite some car troubles for me (Thank you Dan, Dad, Mom, Sisters!) and some additional car troubles for Dan (Thank you, Austin!) we had a pretty nice birthday weekend for Dan.

He had his golf tournament both days so we didn’t hit the town or get wild, but it was everything you’d want a weekend to be.

  • I had some quality alone time with two 10 mile runs (20 total).
  • I enjoyed a massage with miracle worker Maggie
  • We relaxed with some NBA playoffs and enjoyed the beautiful sunlight coming through the windows and illuminating our home.

I even reacquianted with these friendly drinking fountains in the neighborhood: The Benson Bubbler

The biggest part of the weekend that I didn’t like was being unable to drive to get the cake Dan really wanted for his birthday a sheet cake from Costco, so he had no cake at all.

Instead, here are the cakes from his last two birthdays we’ve spent together:

At least I learned!

He had all kinds of birthday love from friends and family on facebook and via phone calls – so overall he considered his special week day a success.

He especially loved the visits and gifts from the two little goldens that have stolen his heart:

heart JE

Feel Good Weekend

This weekend was full of good vibes for the house.

Dan and I spent a good portion of Saturday making our home clean and happy. It’s been a little while since we had a nice, deep clean – so we treated ourselves to a brand new Swiffer Wet Jet for the occasion.

Toilets were scrubbed, counters were scraped, three loads of laundry, two loads of dishes (mostly my tupperware) and even recycling/garbage duty.

More than just cleaning, we had some fun too!

As a result of cleaning, the pool table in the garage that has been covered with boxes since the move was unveiled, and we had a great time playing a few games with loud jams and competitive glances. The pool cue was an awesome gift from my brother for my birthday two years ago and I haven’t given her enough time and attention.

We’ve been killing it at the burger game lately. This beauty below was a result of the weekend prior’s food prep, fresh avocado & the perfect amount of sriracha topping. Dan is the grill master and anything I do never matches up. He’s happy that I’m so dependent.

Salmon Burgers

{Costco Salmon Burgers + Thin wheat buns + Mozzarella + Avocado + Sriracha}

Feeling even better, we had a special visit from mom, dad, Bailey and Bella for some landscaping work (more house help). Dan was out golfing in preparation for  his tournament next weekend, but when he came home he was greeted with kisses, wags and puppy dog eyes galore!

What else am I missing… oh yeah – I Ran! duh

Saturday Morning: 5 quick miles with Dan

Sunday Morning: 12 refreshing miles solo – nothing but good tunes and my thoughts.

Since I’ve been awful this month about my morning runs / Nike Training Club Goals, I’ve self prescribed myself a few more miles over and beyond my 100 as motivation to get out in this week’s forecast of sun and 70 degree weather.

How was your weekend?

heart JE

Throwback Thursday: Rain Rain, Time to Play!

How did the first day of Spring fare for everyone out there? If you’re located in the Pacific Northwest as I am you experienced highs of 52 and lows of 37 with peculiar weather in between.

Every time I looked outside I saw a different scene:

  • In the morning the ground was dewy and the rain was misty.
  • In the early afternoon the skies were overcast and gloomy.
  • In the mid-afternoon hail was rattling against the windows outside of the office.
  • Soon after the hail, the clouds broke apart to reveal a beautiful ray of sunshine, accompanied with puddles of rain collecting from the light continued showers.

Since I was desperate for a run to clear my mind after the events that have transpired this week, I was happy to be fully prepared with a rain jacket, shorts, pants, two pairs of shoes and a great attitude. I stepped out of the office in shorts and a rain jacket to plan for the worst but hope for the best. As my strides hit the freshly wet pavement I found myself beaming at the realization of how light the air felt, how refreshing the scent of spring can be and how this time of year is a beautiful reminder of life, love and beauty.

The first five miles of the run I was greeted with the warm sun against my face, happy runners and walkers getting their fitness in and a sense of clarity in my mind and my heart. The sixth and last mile of the run was what I was anticipating and what re-charged my batteries. It was in the last mile that the skies opened up and raindrops like tears flowed down my face, into my jacket and soaked into my soul.

Water hydrates, nourishes, replenishes and brings life to every living thing on this planet.

The next time you see rain out your window {no really, go look!} throw caution to the wind and invite the raindrops to transform you with their rhythmic and steady symphony.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little giggly girl who has never minded the rain, especially in the company of a big furry chipmunk.

heart JE