Running for Days

Happy Monday, you weekend warriors!

I seriously enjoyed this weekend not because it was lazy, but because I got things done. I was so productive and accomplished much of what was on my growing To Do list. I guess the hurry up and get work done week carried over into the weekend. I’m not even mad.

Let’s start with how things looked running-wise, since I spent nearly 4 hours at it –

  • Saturday 8:45 am – 10 Miles
  • Saturday 3pm – 5 Miles with Dan
  • Sunday 12:30pm – 5 Miles

I know you’re thinking two-a-days on Saturday is a little overkill, but it was much needed after the prior 6 days of only logging three speed-work miles. My mind needs those long runs to hash out thoughts, ideas, rants and creativity. To make everything better, the weather was clear and sun even poked through the clouds! Sure I’m a little sore, but Dan is the best at working out the kinks and I’m looking forward to a full day of standing at my desk today.

The remainder of Saturday was delightful as I was able to read the 148 blogs that were lingering from the week, enjoy two extra entertainingly competitive NCAA men’s games, and spend the afternoon with a weary and overworked Dan.

For the evening he was invited to a Timber’s game, so I made the most of my evening as a bachelorette and enjoyed brews in bed.

I think I know which one I would have enjoyed more!

Sunday was just as wonderful with ultimately not waking up until noon. Agenda included a quick rain-on / rain-off run, Dan and I went to Costco to grab lunch samples our weekend food prep staples and knocked out some quality meal prep to be shared later this week. I was impressed by how quickly and easily Dan jumped in to help out and was thankful because it cut down on the normal time by half. Salmon burgers, chicken, quinoa, veggies, you name it – they’re all there and neatly tucked away in tupperware containers on the second shelf of the fridge.

Extra exciting was getting a visit from mom and dad last night with an invite to dinner at one of our favorites – Original Taco House!

This morning was rough getting ready for another early 6am work start especially since Dan was sleeping soundly with no plans of waking until 10am. At least he’s promised to have dinner ready and on the table for me every night this week!

heart JE


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