Friday Links to Love

Hey guys, did you hear that you can now capture and share mini-videos on instagram? R.I.P Vine.

I hope this doesn’t mean that my 45 minutes I currently spend on insta will turn into an hour to view all of the clips. I also hope I don’t try to be all artsy or cute with the new capabilities. I’m just getting used to text and arrows on my photos!

This week has been a long one. From delivering some bad news in a meeting yesterday to continually adding work to my desk, I’ve pretty much had all I can take. 

You’re in luck though, because that means I got all of these links for you!

Go on, you can be excited!

– 15 Cartoon Characters with beauty tips to borrow

– This is how I’ve been tying my shoes since I was 10, you’ve been doing it wrong your whole life!

Mobility & Functional Human Monvement (fascinating!)

16 pet photos that belong in a museum

– The Minnesota Twins’ ball boy makes a beautiful life-saving catch

– Want to improve yourself? Have a Freaking Goal!

– 30 Minute Cardio Interval Workout

Have an amazing weekend, all!

heart JE


Bachelorette Weekend

Dan left for Chicago on Saturday and since I dropped him at the airport it’s been a beautiful bachelorette weekend.

I do miss him dearly and the three terrifying motion alarms in the middle of the night didn’t give me much opportunity to rest, but the waking hours are exactly the way I’d draw up the perfect three day weekend.

Hours at my beloved neighborhood coffee shop, Lumineer’s Pandora station filling the house, no shame walking out of the house in my glasses, chambray + leggings + lace up boots…basically I turned into a hipster overnight.

Other musings included:

  • My monthly 90 minute massage to get all the running and weight lifting kinks out
  • Sleeping in until 11:30 – which is unheard of.
  • More running to get to my 100 miles for the month (only 4 remaining!)
  • Delicious recovery meal of Dave’s Killer Bread, 2 Eggs, 1/2 Avocado, Sriracha and Pepper {below}
  • A refreshing strawberrita or two while catching up on weekend reading
  • Finally watched Silver Linings Playbook – since Dan didn’t exactly want to see it

It also looks like I have developed a signature pose with my coffee, head tilt and eye position. Help us all.

I’m going to take advantage of the 90% rain forecast here in Portland and continue to pamper myself with a facial, a bubble bath and maybe even a manicure if I’m feeling wild.

I finally see the finish line at work for the end of the fiscal year and I can’t be stopped now!

Carpe Diem, friends!

heart JE

The Bus Incident

Okay, so I was hoping to write something worthwhile tonight but I just can’t do it. Why you ask?

I was hit by a bus!

Okay that may be a bit dramatic, but my car is feeling it this evening.

Yep, my sad little side mirror. This isn’t even the first time a side mirror on my vehicle has been mangled but that was pre-blog and pre-instagram!

I was leaving the freeway to cut through downtown and my car was stopped, waiting like all the other commuters at the light. I saw a bus emerge right next to my window and my stomach dropped, then the tire lightly rubbed past my driver side mirror and my hands grasped the wheel a little tighter.

Then the destruction.

At no more than 2 MPH, the bus’s back right wheel well caught the mirror and tore it slowly and painfully (I always rip the band-aid fast) as I sat and watched the mirror sadly dangling.

I sat with my jaw dropped, hands up, reaching for my cell phone and trying to make out the license plate.

The driver next to me was equally appalled and he was kind enough to roll down his window and shout, “I’m a witness! Hey, I’m a witness! Bus #1714!”

I was stunned by his kindness and that he was looking out for me and just missed my chance to follow after him and get his information. I turned down a few more streets, around and around, but couldn’t locate the kind stranger.

I took photos of the damage and sent to both mom and Dan, asking “who can I call to get this fixed?”.

Mom was on the hunt and Dan was proud of me for getting all of the details pinned, even down to what the advertisement on the back of the bus was.

The decided action plan was to call the non-emergency police who handled the call like it happens all the time and sent a kind and investigative officer (who looked a little like Michael Rooker, or Merle from Walking Dead).

Officer Merle took the details, whacked some zombies and phoned a Tri-Met supervisor who also came out to file the report, take photos (duh, sir – check my insta’s) and gave me the claims number that I’d be able to contact to get the damage taken care of.

Sad moment, happy ending – and I’m proud of myself for getting all of the details so that I could make the claim and get my baby repaired.

Although I may not be merging into the left lane any time soon! #Dangles

heart JE

Golden Weekend

I’m so rested from this weekend – come at me, May!

Despite some car troubles for me (Thank you Dan, Dad, Mom, Sisters!) and some additional car troubles for Dan (Thank you, Austin!) we had a pretty nice birthday weekend for Dan.

He had his golf tournament both days so we didn’t hit the town or get wild, but it was everything you’d want a weekend to be.

  • I had some quality alone time with two 10 mile runs (20 total).
  • I enjoyed a massage with miracle worker Maggie
  • We relaxed with some NBA playoffs and enjoyed the beautiful sunlight coming through the windows and illuminating our home.

I even reacquianted with these friendly drinking fountains in the neighborhood: The Benson Bubbler

The biggest part of the weekend that I didn’t like was being unable to drive to get the cake Dan really wanted for his birthday a sheet cake from Costco, so he had no cake at all.

Instead, here are the cakes from his last two birthdays we’ve spent together:

At least I learned!

He had all kinds of birthday love from friends and family on facebook and via phone calls – so overall he considered his special week day a success.

He especially loved the visits and gifts from the two little goldens that have stolen his heart:

heart JE

SE Saturday Nights

I don’t know what it is about Saturday nights but lately it’s been Dan and I’s favorite night to unwind, grab some good walking shoes and hit the neighborhood for an adventure and some drinks.

Something about flowers blooming, people out for a stroll and the crisp night air becoming tolerable have allowed us to step out of our normal routine and into a playful mindset. It also gives us Dan an excuse for reflective swoosh photos.

The trek in mind’s ultimate destination was Saburo’s Sushi House that I’ve shared here once before. The last time we made a visit it was before Dan moved in, so this time wasn’t so much about the tour – it was knowing that we were locals and had every right to sign our names on the list with 30 other hungry hopefuls in front of us. That’s right, there was a literal mob outside of the front door and everyone was there to stay.

Dan and I signed up, shrugged our shoulders and walked off to do what we do best – Sellwood Pub Tour.

We started at Laurelwood Public House around 8:45 and ordered the a Space Stout for him & a Free Range Red for her. We enjoyed sharing the different flavors back and forth and I still can’t call which was my favorite.

Next we went back to check on the list – rookie move. We were still at least 15 people down on the list and noticed that the couple after us was the cut-off point of the list. We were going to be there to shut it down.

So what do you think we did? Went to another bar of course! I love dive bar hopping in Sellwood and tonight didn’t disappoint. The Cosmo Lounge was in full effect with karaoke enthusiasts making their way in and signing up for their debut. Dan and I escaped before karaoke night started, but not before my IPA, his Negro Modelo and our four $1 each Orange Jello shots. Well played, babe!

After us lightweights were feeling happy, we snuck in a few fro-yo samples at Nectar before having perfect timing to be seated at Saburo’s.

This was the longest I’ve ever waited, two hours from sign up to sit down, but the memories, goofiness and amazing eats at the end of the road were beyond worth it. We even had a great time with the strangers who shared our same table that were visiting from Montana and had previously lived in Portland through college. Plenty of laughs, single serving friends, single serving of sushi (because Dan swooped up 75% of the plate while I was chatty!) and a great evening with my love.

I can’t wait to go back again when blogger buddy Marisa is back in PDX. Nothing like a heaping plate of sushi to bring people closer.

heart JE

Restaurant Review: Torta-Landia

Saturday night Dan and I were couch potatoes. We kept talking about what our ‘plans’ were for the rest of the evening and couldn’t come up with anything better than catching up on our DVR with shows dating back to March. No time for TV

I really didn’t want to spend the rest of my night just sitting, but I also only wanted to spend the evening with my guy. I saw an update on Facebook that my parents were headed out to date night and I was convinced that Dan and I needed to have one too!

The last time I was with miracle worker Maggie, she recommended a restaurant that was great for an upbeat vibe, delicious chips + guacamole and a feel good ‘hole in the wall’ spot off the beaten path. I told her we’d check it out and I wanted to do it before my next appointment at the end of the month.

Torta-Landia is located on SE 60th avenue just off of Foster Road and within 2 miles walking distance of our home. Since we were feeling like bums we weren’t going to drive so we bundled up, put on our walking shoes and headed out the door holding hands and soaking in sights of the neighborhood.

We arrived to the restaurant just past 8pm and found a packed house with live music and margaritas everywhere. We had to join in!

What We Drank

2 House Margaritas ($5.50 each)

We almost went with the Corona-rita (Margarita with an upside-down corona) but had already been drinking most of the day while watching the Masters. #Sorrynotsorry

What We Ate

House Made Chips + Side of Guacamole ($3 + $2 Guac)

Carnitas del Diablo Burrito ($8.50)

Slow roasted carnitas sauteed with habaneros & jalapeno peppers, borracho beans, green rice cilantro-lime crema, queso oaxaca, and habanero salsa.

This burrito was big enough that both of us felt satisfied with the food we’d eaten and our bodies were warm walking back in the cool 50 degree evening.

Know Before You Go:

  • It really is off the beaten path, hidden behind a used tire lot on Foster Road
  • Happy Hour is 3-5pm Tuesday-Friday and 9-close Daily
  • They had live music the entire time we were there – it looked like it was set up for the same scene every night
  • Even Dan thought the burrito was massive – check the menu before you go and split a dish or two
  • Location: 4144 SE 60th Ave, Portland, OR
  • Hours: Closed Mondays, open Tuesday-Sunday starting at 11am.


heart JE

Weekend of Ups and Downs

This weekend brought many ups and a few downs for Dan and I – I’ll start with the happy times so that I don’t fall short on the events of the weekend.

Friday night after the work week Dan and I went to see Oz The Great and Powerful and loved it! I highly recommend that you head to the theater to see it if you have the chance. Oz the Great and Powerful is the prequel story to the Wizard of Oz and enchanted us for the entire 2 hours and 7 minutes in 3D. The Wizard of Oz is a classic film that you couldn’t imagine being enhanced upon but this was creatively made and so well cast that without knowing you’d honestly believe that it was made before the 1939 classic.

1. Spring has sprung – the cherry blossoms are blooming in the neighborhood and I stopped to take twenty photos on my Saturday run

2. Dan scored 9th row Blazers tickets to their win vs. Detroit on Saturday night with Club level tickets ❤

3. I baked a shamrock cake on Saturday – you’ll see it tomorrow!

4. There were $2 Guinness cans at work on Friday as employee appreciation for St. Patrick’s Day so my work team took advantage.

5. The Blazers scored 100 points in their win, so we got a Chalupa coupon which can be used at Portland’s best food cart KOi Fusion as well!

6. Friday night ended with spontaneous margaritas at Dan’s suggestion while we were driving home. His best idea in a while!

We finally caved and treated ourselves to the real deal – the Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s.

You can see the excitement and surprise that Dan had when the following things occurred:

1. I wasn’t having anxiety going through a drive-thru A story for another day

2. Was agreeing to the drink since I’ve been re-creating healthier versions and pushing them on him

I wish that this is where I could wrap up my weekend update, but I need to share the real, the sad, the human part of the weekend that sours the joy we had.

Saturday I heard the news that my 98 year old grandmother had a fall that broke her hip and sent her to the hospital in an ambulance. Her health has been declining recently and as you’d imagine of any person that age her bones are fragile and her mind has been wandering for a few years. It was sad to see her on Sunday afternoon laying in a hospital bed, helpless, seemingly gasping for oxygen and only comforted by the medication and the breathing assistance she was receiving from modern medicine. It was heartbreaking to see my aunts standing by her bedside, and especially seeing the emotion on my dad’s face knowing that this was a sign that she’s near the end.

We are wishing her a comfortable and peaceful week – hoping that she is able to eat, rest and enjoy the company of family members at her side.

Hug your family and friends love them with all you have.

heart JE