February’s Eight Great Goals

Welcome, February! Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable – I’ve been waiting for you.

January has always been one of my least favorite months as far as months go and I’ve heard others say that too. It’s a rude awakening from the holidays, the days are short, the nights are cold and my heat, energy and water bills are off the charts in comparison. I’d like to shine some positive light on January as a time to restart, to renew and for new beginnings – but truly every month should be approached this way. Just like everyday should be like Valentine’s Day and you should call your mother more than only on her birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day. Little things.

This month is sure to present some challenges, like more dreary & cold weather,  three less days to complete 100 miles or that our workforce of three will drop down to two (ahh!). With all of the madness presented in those challenges there’s still so much more to look forward to. Loving and nurturing Tiger, a no-frills baby shower invite, Super Bowl shenanigans, another 90 minute massage, return of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Bailey’s 1 and a half year birthday(!!!), girls night birthday fun, seeing Amanda (hopefully) when she makes her first visit to Portland after her big career move, continuing to live with my wonderful boyfriend …and so much more I don’t even know about!

Let’s get down to it, my mission for the month!

February’s Eight Great Goals:

1. Follow Amanda from RunToTheFinish in her #BestFoot challenge to Eat a Clean Breakfast every day in February

2. Read a book, cover to cover, for the pure pleasure of reading. Any suggestions are welcome – what have you read lately?

3. Practice my pool game before brother comes home in March.

4. Spend some serious time at mom and dad’s house to go through ‘the archives’ that they’ve been holding onto my entire life since I moved out 7 years ago.

5Encourage Dan to play golf and never ask that he does otherwise.

6. Pre-write 3 posts per week to eliminate some time constraints and pressures when it comes to delivering content by 8am.

7. Comment on other blogger’s posts and participate in this worldwide community.

8. Log four 10-mile runs in preparation for my second #ToughMudder (first mudder here).

That seems like more than enough to keep me busy in the short 28 days. I am excited to share more with you as you share more with me!

❤ JE


6 thoughts on “February’s Eight Great Goals

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