Tough Mudder #2

First I want to say another Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad! I didn’t get to spend any of the weekend with him but mom treated him right and we will celebrate properly later this week. It sounds like all of you out there also have pretty remarkable dads. That makes me happy.

This weekend was Tough Mudder #2 for me and it was fun to drag Dan along – even if it meant having to watch the DVR version of the US Open when we got home.

Brooke was awesome and drove us East to the city of Fossil where we witnessed the other side of Oregon that those of us from the city often forget about. Fossil, OR is a place where there’s no cell service and a simpler way of life on the ranch.

Or way of life on the ranch was anything but ‘simple‘, but at least we had a fun stay!

Quick Hits – then I’m hitting the pillow!

  • Last year I only made it over 3 of 4 walls, this year I made it over all 4 (with 2 slanted toward us!)
  • Last year I fell multiple times on Everest and never made it up (I quit) and this year I made it up the first time!
  • Having Dan there was the extra boost I needed to get me through ❤
  • Dan was a sweetheart and crashed into the water on the monkey bars before me, just to make it less embarrassing when I fell in on the first rung
  • Arctic Enema was actually a welcome relief from the warm temperatures
  • I had a ‘Brain Reboot” (blacked out) for a moment through Electric Eel. I opened my eyes, heard white noise and just kept crawling.

Sorry for not many photos, my iPhone was stored in our bag pretty quick once we made it to the venue – you’ll have to wait for the official race photos!

Thanks for a fun weekend, friends!

And yes, this was me on the monkey bars.


Weekend Links: Tough Mudder Style

Tuesday morning those of us who are participating in the 2013 Oregon Tough Mudder received this photo with a friendly reminder to not worry because “if you’re scared…… you can pee yourself. Everyone knows you can’t see pee in the mud.”

Thanks Big Mudder!

This will be my second Tough Mudder event and I’ll be joining my wonderful friends Brooke and her man friend Brad, while dragging Dan along for the torture fun!

In the words of Big Mudder, the vents are “hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.”

I will promise to do my best, but can see something like this happening when I go to grab the monkey bars.

Last time Brooke went Beast-Mode on the same monkey bars and I am looking forward to being inspired by her once again.

Enough from me, here’s the links!

Wish us luck, last time I came home bruised from head to toe!


heart JE

Wedding Weekend

Thank you for sticking with me this week. It’s been a long one. #TWSS

From the start of the work week where Dan and I didn’t arrive into PDX until 2:30am Monday, to going cross-eyed over spreadsheets Monday and Tuesday, confidently delivering my beautiful work on Wednesday and some defending of my numbers today – I’m so thrilled that it’s Friday.

Let’s talk about how my weekend was where I finally got to Meet the Parents and a few other special members of Dan’s family!

Friday was a wild and crazy day at work and I did everything possible to get out of the building before noon so that I’d be able to connect with mom and make my flight. With a lightly packed gym bag and fully charged electronics I stepped onto the plane and took a nap instantly. Before I knew it I was in Texas for my layover and had already sat down to enjoy the sweet taste of victory for my successful Quarter.

I made it into Nashville just before midnight on Friday where Dan escorted me back to our hotel in Kentucky to a King size bed that has us wanting to make a purchase soon. We made a pit stop for a quick snack and since we were somewhere foreign Dan insisted that White Castle was the only place we could go.., so obviously there’s no photo evidence of what we actually ordered and consumed. #Faturday

The very next morning came early as we were woken with an invite to breakfast, at which I immediately jumped out of bed and into get-ready-to-impress mode for the first meeting in person. Holding Dan’s hand as we approached the restaurant, I instantly felt a calm aura when I saw Dan’s mom, dad and sister in the hotel lobby. Before I knew it I was meeting aunts and uncles from Chicago and Switzerland, bridesmaids and former neighbors. I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet!

After passing through the first round of interviews, Dan and I went on an errand run to find him razors and the finishing touches on the gift we got for the bride and groom.  Exhausted and a little taken aback by the humidity, Dan and I both took the afternoon calm to catch a quick nap.

Like magic, I was soon dressed, in the chapel and witnessing this beautiful lady walking down the aisle. Her parents gave her away in front of family and friends while shutter clicks could be heard from all around the chapel.

These are not my photos. I was too busy admiring her dress and dreaming about my own aisle moment.

Following the wedding, we took our time to get back to the reception hall for a wonderful meal and a night full of dancing. Once I dined and was ready to get my man out on the floor, we danced the night away and had everyone in the room thinking that we’d taken lessons together. From there we laughed, I made new facebook friends, I even grabbed the microphone when the timing was right and had family members asking Dan “Where did she come from?”

Sunday morning came too soon and we said our goodbyes at the Louisville airport. Once we were through security we treated ourselves to “two means four” whiskey orders to celebrate a successful first meeting of hopefully many. Other airport antics included planks, walking around, delay after delay and finally coming home to my amazing parents who picked us up at 2:30 in the morning with the golden sisters – and with a special made lunch in hand.

Such a wonderful weekend, thank you for a wonderful time Dan and family! Congrats, Emily!

heart JE

TBT: Christmas Past

It’s December 27th and Christmas is over and gone for the next 363 days. Thanks for the drive-by, Christmas – it’s been real!

I’m back to work today – from the comfort of my home + New coffee maker – and I am thrilled that I don’t have a tree, lights, ornaments or glitter to clean up after. It’s the good life.

As planned, I spent some time at home the past 4 days going through old photos and not even scraping the surface of all of the gems that are in my parent’s possession. What I can tell immediately from the photos I did find is that my parents have always been just as cool as they are now, that I had a really amazing childhood and that I have always been surrounded by wonderful influences. In all of the photos we are having fun and that’s what my parents always wanted for us. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you!

Today’s photo is brought to you by brother & sister matching flannel, old film and many gifts under the tree year after year.

And maybe this rack:

Happy Throwback Thursday!

❤ JE

Stormy Vacation

For weeks my family had planned a beach retreat while my brother is home and it just so happened to be during the biggest storm the Oregon coast has seen so far this year.

On Sunday after spending some quality time with friends over food and drinks at the annual Fakesgiving get-together, we headed south to our beach house in Lincoln City. We knew there was a storm brewing, but had never experienced 100 MPH gusts of wind first hand. When we arrived at the house, the trees were swaying and the rain was falling. As the night went on, we feared the stability of our backyard trees and the roof over our heads.

We made it through the howling winds of the first night to wake up the next morning to no power. My dad delivered latte’s to mom and I while we witnessed recycling bins scooting down the road, signs leaning closer toward the ground and maintenance trucks driving past surveying the damage.

We wanted a change of scenery so we hit the road and went to see where we could find the best views of the storm doing work. Bailey was intrigued and the rest of us had never seen waves like these. Instead of breaking like they normally would, the wind would take the surf and blend it into the rest of the ocean.

We still didn’t have any power when we returned back home from our adventure, so we devised a plan to eat save the ice cream, refrigerate perishables and heat the home with a crackling fire. After a few naps were taken, we played a few friendly rounds of power-outage jenga and decided to hit the town for dinner and some Monday night karaoke fun.

Our power came back late Monday night and was party-worthy. We all slept well Monday night knowing that the worst of the storm had passed and that we would be able to charge our gadgets overnight not worry about the trees in the backyard causing any damage.

Bailey is starting to feel better from her Saturday illness, but still prescribed for a special diet and the take-it-easy plan. She sure knows how to relax!

❤ JE

October Beach Weekend

This weekend Dan and I made the trek down to Lincoln City on Friday night to meet my parents and Bailey at their beach house. Since the forecast called for rain and lots of it, we expected to be stuck inside with the warm blaze of the fire and the constant sound of rain against the windows. As you’ll see from the photos below, we were lucky enough to have blue skies and mid 50 degree weather to get out of the house and enjoy our weekend together!

It was amazing to see the updates that my parents had made to the house and how much love and effort they had put into the apartment downstairs. I didn’t snap any photos when we first got there and once we had unpacked it was no longer picture perfect.

Saturday morning we visited an estate sale up the street and found a perfect piece of furniture to fit into the living room. Now there’s leather couch seating for 5 (which means 3 + Bailey) with the bonus sleeper feature for anytime there’s more guests than just Dan and I.

We enjoyed whale watching from the Namaste bench that overlooks the ocean and saw several spouts that made us believe they were traveling in pods. We also had Wifi installed (yay!) and took full advantage of seven a few electronic devices being connected at once. There’s been a rule set for ‘No TV’ at the beach house, but streaming videos online doesn’t count as TV, does it? Nope!

Other than Lincoln City, we traveled south to Depoe Bay and Newport on Sunday for a change of scenery. It’s always a fun time at the coast and we were happy to have a break from reality. Everything’s better at the beach!

Lincoln City

^ The whale watching bench ^

^How THRILLED Dad was to find a perfect sleeper couch at an estate sale ^

^ Mid day view ^

^Starting to rain + spouting whales! ^

Depoe Bay

^ Depoe Bay ^

^ Crashing waves ^

^ Smallest navigable harbor in the world ^

^ Dad rang the bell after ordering a Big Whale on Steroids ^

^ $1 ceiling ^

^ Fun to watch this boat going out to sea in rough conditions ^


^ Seals & Sea Lions! ^

^ Mom’s favorite was the blonde who resembled Bailey ^

^ The port ^

^Ships and seagulls ^

^ Seagull perched ^

^ Ocean town ^

^ Dad’s starfish find ^

❤ JE

Dan the Man Visits Chicago

The two long weeks of waiting for Dan to return to Portland are over!

I picked him up from PDX at 10:30pm on Tuesday night and we (planned in advance) to take the day off together Wednesday to celebrate his homecoming.

Over the two weeks we calculated that he played 117 holes of golf, ate “one too many” cheeseburgers, drank more in 2 weeks than he has in a few months and didn’t work up a good sweat a single time. It seems that he really enjoyed his time away!

His first weekend in Chicago, Dan participated in the Dundee Township Park District Open and earned 2nd place with scores of 73 on Saturday and 71 on Sunday. He used his winnings to take care of his caddy in the form of new gear from the Pro Shop – such a giver!

Throughout the remainder of the week he helped his dad around the house, saw many of the friends he’s been missing and had a wonderful family breakfast while his sister was home to visit as well.

Dan’s teams were 1 for 3 in sporting events he attended -his White Sox lost 10-4 and the USA let the Ryder Cup slip through their fingers, but his faith was restored with the Bears 34-18 win vs the Cowboys for Monday Night Football. He and his dad flew to Dallas for his dad’s 56th birthday to see the Monday game and also took a tour of Cowboy Stadium the following day. It was such a thoughtful gift and I’m happy they were able to make the plane to Dallas even after they just barely made the plane before the gate closed – (okay, maybe Dan sweat once in this mad sprint!)

I asked Dan to proof-read this post and he said that the only thing he needed me to add was “how much he was missing me”. #awww

I’m so happy to have him home! 🙂
All photos by Dan:

Photo: DTPD Open practice round with my caddy with David Cartwright

^Golfer/Caddy bonding^^His cute yoga pants^Photo: My trip is now complete with the dinner of champions!^Portillo’s^Photo: Good old Chicago traffic headed to The Cell, but man I miss that skyline!^Doesn’t miss the traffic^Photo: Good beer, good food, good friends, good to be home^Sox Pregame^Photo: Sunday at the Ryder Cup! USA, USA, USA!

^Bleacher seats on the first tee @ Ryder Cup^

Photo: MNF for my dad's birthday, happy birthday dad! DAAA BEARS!!

^They made it to Dallas, happy birthday Dave Bova!^Photo: Late night dinner of champions, after a W in Dallas filled with what felt like more Bears fans than Cowboys fans. DAA BEARS!^I was reassured that the beverage was lemonade… like that helps!^

Good thing it’s detox and hydration week for me with the Portland Marathon this Sunday! I can’t wait!

❤ JE