I finally was able to break Dan away from another Halo 4 evening with his buddies to go on a date night (victory!) to Cinetopia in Beaverton.

Since he bought the Groupon tickets a few weeks back, I let him decide which movie we would go see as long as we weren’t out past bedtime. After taking a look at the schedule he decided that we could make the 6:40 showtime to Skyfall in their Living Room Theater.

Considering that my only previous Bond experience was watching my brother play the James Bond Junior game for Super Nintendo (Longplay of the game below) I felt like I needed to watch a few trailers and get excited about the plot before we went into the theater.

So, I said “Hey, I don’t mind some Daniel Craig in my life” and decided to watch the trailer a few times.

The trailer made me comfortable that didn’t have to know much about any other Bond sequences since I still get the classic “Bond, James Bond” and “007” lines.

Beyond the trailer, I’d seen that the title song was by Adele, which may rival the 1973 Live and Let Die song by Paul McCartney & Wings.

You be the judge:

While I’m not fit to be a critic of Skyfall in comparison to the other 22 Bond films, the movie was much better than I expected it to be and was really a thrill for Dan who loves high action movies. He’s also a big fan of the bottomless popcorn and the gourmet butter selection at the theater.

^ Leaving the theater Dan-Style ^

All in all, it was a wonderful date night.

❤ JE


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