#GOvember Week 2

14 days into GOvember and I’ve still managed to sweat every day, sometimes twice a day! It hasn’t been easy.

I’m typically an advocate of rest days, both physical and mental – and try to fit in at least two a week to allow my body to recharge and be ready to give 100% the next day. Self motivation, partner motivation and the fact that I have to disclose my progress to you has helped me turn a goal into a reality!

Some serious motivation has also come from my partner in crime for #Govember, Brooke. Check out her post filled with her favorite intense workouts.

Week 2 for me has been fueled largely by the early and oh-so thoughtful birthday gifts from Dan. Bright running shoes are essential for the winter and light weight training shoes are perfect for those NTC classes.

Running Progress: 47.5 Miles down in the sun, the rain, the dark and the cold.

Nike Training Club Sessions: 4! (One more to meet my goal!!)

NikeFuel Stats

Instagram Feed:

^ Instant Energy ^

^ My Alphabet game – sprint / jog every 100m  ^

^ At home workout  ^

^ The sun broke through for me ^

I am taking the next ten days off from work for a week full of birthdays, family and friends. Ideally this should mean that a sweat everyday should come easily with no work schedule keeping me down!

❤ JE


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