The Best Weekends

Why is it that the best weekends go by so quickly?

If you remember from Friday’s Post I was looking forward to a pretty special weekend. It exceeded my expectations!

Saturday morning I got home before 9am which gave mom and I time to go shopping for an adopted thanksgiving family while super-dad took my car to the DEQ.

After trying to contain our excitement, we briskly drove to PDX to rescue Matt after his long travels from Luxembourg.

Bailey was beside herself when that guy that she always sees on the computer screen hopped into the car. She instantly had Matt covered in hair and sloppy kisses that she’d been saving since she last saw him in March.

^ Such a happy girl ^

On the immediate schedule was one of Matt’s favorite Portland restaurants: Fire on The Mountain where we enjoyed wings, sandwiches, salads and by Matt’s request, Cajun tots!

When we got home Bailey ripped around the house with Matt and tired him herself out!

The rest of Saturday we watched a huge college football upset and our Blazers lose in late minutes at home. Matt snoozed early as he couldn’t keep his eyes open a minute longer.

I seem to only have foodie photos from Sunday (yum) so you’ll have to trust me that the house was full of excitement with Dan over to meet Matt for the first time and join us for breakfast and a day of NFL.

^ Pepper Bacon ^

^ Garlic Sausage and Sundried Tomato Sausage from Trader Joe’s ^

^ Yummy scramble ^

^ Pumpkin Pancakes – Trader Joe’s ^

After a long afternoon of NFL and family + Dan time, Matt recommended that we get a Flying Pie Pizza for dinner.

We ordered their XL Combo 2 complete with Pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, onions, black olives, & Italian sausage. Not a single piece was left over after the boys had their portions and mom and I supplemented our slice with a salad.

^ Portland visit staple ^

^ Matt vs Pizza ^

To heal Dan’s suppressed woes over the Bears game, we each enjoyed Bailey’s and milk on the rocks with whipped cream. A sign of the holidays!

I was thrilled to get in two workouts with the food and family – but I have some serious work to do today with a lunchtime run and an evening Nike Training Club session on the schedule!

❤ JE


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