Throwback Thursday: Pantry Raid

No, you read that wrong – p a n t R y raid.

I’m great about planning out my meals for when I’m at the office, but for some reason everyday when I get home I turn into a snack monster just like our buddy Homer here.


Dan  does it too.

While I don’t think boredom is what leads us to impulsive snacking, I do think the stress of a long day of work contributes to the problem. There’s something comfortable about the crunch of a tortilla chip combined with homemade guacamole the same way there’s serious satisfaction found in a bowl of ice cream to finish off the evening.

Both of those scenes are all too common in our household and starting today I have two solutions to keep the mindless chomping at bay.

Immediate Fix #1 

Drink water when I feel the need to snack. If I still need to snack, drink more water. Simple.

Immediate Fix #2

Limit snacking to fruits and veggies only. Look at this beautiful bowl of raspberries that took only 5 minutes to pick from my backyard. There’s no excuse why I can’t step out the back door and pick some berries and let the pretzels sit safely in their bag in the pantry.

What about you? Share some of the ways you avoid snacking before dinner, snacking in the middle of the day or just keeping cravings out of sight, out of mind?

Short and sweet action plan: Water, fruits, veggies.

Want to see something else short and sweet?

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little girl who has always loved to browse the fridge, pantry or snack drawer and has resolved to make a change.

heart JE


South(east) Scramble

Most weekends Dan and I are pretty bad about eating breakfast at a normal time. Weekdays we are on a strict schedule but on Saturday and Sunday we like to sleep in and get our lazy on. Once we finally roll jump out of bed I often go for a run and he’s surprisingly never really hungry until the afternoon.

This weekend actually was no different, but when we decided to make brunch after noon we put a little extra flare into it. We were both skilled cooks in the kitchen and had fun making a Southwesteast Scramble that would end up keeping us full all day long!

The inspiration for the scramble was the dozen eggs in the egg caddy that hadn’t been touched for two weeks. The rest was fridge and pantry magic.

Check it out and make your own next weekend!


8 Eggs

3 Trader Joe’s Chicken Jalapeño sausages

1 Green Pepper

1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes

1 can black beans

MmmMmm Sriracha and maybe a little post photography shredded low-fat mozzarella

Simply amazing!

❤ JE