Throwback Thursday: Strike a Pose

We talked a lot on Tuesday about Power Posing and I hope it got you thinking as much as it got me thinking.

This week I’ve seen people responding differently to what my non-verbal cues are saying. As a result, I’ve found myself more aware of everyone else’s weak shrunken bodies or confident upright gorilla-statures. I can smell that confidence from a mile away and my oh my isn’t. it. sexy.

Consciously standing tall and sitting upright to convince others what to think of me has caused me to reflect on what I think about myself.

I’ve always had a certain showmanship about me and am not afraid of being the center of attention. I don’t mind taking the lead, I don’t mind making a public fool of myself and as an athlete I grew to crave the spotlight. 

That person I just described is me when I’m in a large crowd, in an anonymous setting or when it really counts for making an impression.

When things get a little more personal, that picture can change… for the worse.

Let’s share a few experiences from my youth:

  • I wrote notes to teachers and emails to my parents rather than having real conversations.
  • My boyfriend from 5th to 6th grade and I only talked on AIM while at school I’d have my FRIENDS pass notes to him.
  • I couldn’t order my own food at a restaurant
  • Through my adult years, I still had anxiety ordering food at a drive-thru window.
  • I couldn’t find the courage to speak up for myself, approach new people or make new friends until they invited me to the conversation.

What it was about these closer interactions that scared me is still a mystery and what continues to give me anxiety about personal interactions remains unanswered.

Just this past Monday I led a difficult conversation at the office in the morning, then that same evening I found myself introverted and timid walking into an Apple store for a Genius Bar appointment about my iPhone camera not working. (to which Dan shakes his head and helps me through it, but can’t see what I’m so worried about)

What causes me to shine in the difficult situation and crumble in the ordinary everyday conversation? Ego I suppose.

Using the power of positive self-reinforcement through body language and visualization will really help me overcome these fears in my personal life while allowing improvement for the proud, confident and composed Jessi many see everyday.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little girl who’s always had a little swagger in her walk and knew the right time to turn up the lights and let ’em shine.


Throwback Thursday: Half Birthday

Today is one of my most favorite days of the year – my HALF Birthday.

I’ve celebrated half birthdays since I can remember and love keeping the tradition alive.

My brother claims to have started the tradition, but reality (read: how I remember it) is that a sunny spring day I learned it was my half birthday and had the scheme of a lifetime. I stood on a step-stool, reached for the wired wall-phone and dialed the phone numbers of my grandparents that were listed in my mother’s handwriting on the inside of a cupboard door. Each time I dialed a number, I would speak in my sweetest most innocent voice and invite my relatives over for a Half Birthday celebration. Yes, presents would be accepted and yes – there will be cake (mom just didn’t know it yet!)

One by one, the family started pulling up to the house via the back alley, hands full of gifts, balloons and surprises! The only ones who didn’t know about the party? Mom and Dad!

Being the loving parents that they are, and being the sweet little innocent child I liked to pretend that I was – they went to the store, bought the cake that I’d promised all of my guests, and we had a party that would last for years and years.

Nowadays my half birthday is celebrated a little differently – but I almost like it more than my actual birthday!

Normally the weather is decent in the spring, my parents take me out to dinner, I get half-ish gifts and I have zero guilt in sharing that it’s my half-special day with others. What’s even better? Mom’s half birthday is just two days later and we know we like to do each of our days justice – this half birthday thing isn’t just for me!

This year Dan and I are doing a pamper day with pedicures and evening plans he hasn’t shared with me yet, but there’s a rumor that I have a gift from mom and dad waiting for me at home. Hopefully I can also expect something special at work since I shamelessly marked the date on our calendar. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little girl who knew that even the littlest milestones are important to celebrate – especially one’s centered around her beautiful cake-loving existence!

heart JE

Throwback Thursday: Happy Mother’s Day

This weekend is about more than just getting flowers, a card and candy for your mother. It’s about thanking her for everything she’s ever done for you.

Today I’d like to give thanks and appreciation to my mother for devoting nearly the last 29 years of her life to being a wife, a mother, a provider, an educator, a volunteer, a caretaker, a fighter, a companion and an incredible role model for her two children (and several pets!).

Since the moment she brought me into the world, I’ve felt nothing but selfless love from my mother and always know that everything she does has our futures in mind.

I’m amazed every day by what she has accomplished in her life and what she continues to strive for now that she’s been retired for five years. Truly a person without limits, my mother sets her mind to something and does everything necessary to see success from her efforts.

She has never had a shortage of time, love or kindness for others and continually impresses me with the size of her heart. Not only is she thoughtful; my mother is strong, brave, intelligent, adventurous, creative and beautiful.

I feel like I’m constantly learning from her and am proud to be her daughter.

This throwback Thursday is brought to you by mommy’s little girl, forever and always.

heart JE

Throwback Thursday: ¡Olé!

We made it to Thursday – ¡Olé!

Today has me thinking about how close we are to a holiday that is very near and dear to my heart: Cinco de Mayo

What’s not to love about celebratory margaritas, chips, salsa, guacamole and other traditional cuisine not Taco Bell, Dan!.

I know that whenever I don’t want to put dinner on the table the first restaurants that come to mind serve chips by the basket, keep the salsa coming and have eclectic flare and mariachi bands. Seriously – my salsa to chip ratio is 2:1, I have plenty of tomato stains to prove it.

Lately around the house we’ve been mashing avocados, chopping onions and chilling that guac like we’ve never tasted something so decadent! I’m looking forward to maybe putting together my first shot at making Sangria this weekend. Who knows, maybe I’ll share!

Sorry for the shorty post – today is going to be one of the busier days of the whole month with quite a lot of pressure on the little girl below’s shoulders.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little girl who has always been chasing the sun with a smile on her face, sombrero and all.


heart JE

Throwback Thursday: Golden Birthday

Sunday the 28th is Dan’s 28th Birthday (Golden Birthday!) – please join me in wishing him a wonderful weekend and the best of luck in his golf tournament! He’s taking a half day at work today in order to get another quality 18 holes in and I couldn’t be prouder. I’m looking forward to driving down I-5 to shop at the Woodburn Outlet Mall watch him play and want him to know that I’m his biggest fan!

I thought today would be a fun opportunity to embarrass him share a few photos that his mother in Chicago sent to me this week at my request. I have her full permission to make the birthday boy blush today so I’m going to take this for some good mileage.


The great news is that I now have a ton of ammo to use and have some great stories behind some of the photos already planned.

In all fairness, it IS his birthday week so I suppose I’ll have to pick up some Golden BIRTHDAY Oreo’s if I can find them!

heart JE

Throwback Thursday: How High?

I remember summer days of my youth quite vividly. As soon as the sun was out and the first pour of lemonade made its way into a glass, I could be found outside – twirling, flipping, jumping and flashing my biggest ear-to-ear grin from the surface of our family trampoline. What bliss came from cranking the music to classic hits like The Macarena, Mambo #5 and the likes of Now That’s What I Call Music – Volume 2 while bouncing the day away without a care in the world.

Days like this could only be described through the rush from reaching the highest heights, the adrenaline from successfully landing a front flip and the wild sensation from doing secret ‘double bounces’ with my brother when mom wasn’t watching.

Believe it or not – this is how I felt yesterday at work. Is it possible to get runners high from having a conversation with some really bright individuals? Because I experienced it… and it was magical.

The past two weeks I’ve been getting into the office unbearably early to be sure that my morning work is taken care of in time for my new teammates to get settled in. The hope is that in doing this I’ll be present, peaceful and pressure free when they have questions and need my help to take their learning experiences to the next level.

In having to rise up to be a leader I feel like I’m finding my edge – my voice – and my influencing skills come to life. I’m working harder than ever, but have so much to show for it in the trust of my teammates and the feedback I’ve received from everyone who’s noticing.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little girl who knew how rewarding it was to jump even before she was asked ‘how high?’.

heart JE

Throwback Thursday: Waking Up

This is a post that I think Dan will like.

It’s Thursday and oh boy am-I-tired. This week has been full of back to back alarms blaring between the early why me times of 4:15 to 4:30. Even though I can operate well on low sleep during the workweek and find myself enjoying waking early on weekends to get my runs out of the way – physically getting out of bed is a different story.

I’ve always been a hard sleeper and have been known to stay in bed a little later that I should when I need to put my feet on the floor and run out the door.

Having Dan to sleep next to has been really helpful (on most days) because where I can lay there ignoring my alarms going off back to back, he always does his best to get me out of bed using one of the following fail-proof methods:

– A kick
– A nudge
– Shine his Fuelband LED time display in my face
– Turn the clapper nightlights on
– Ask if I’m still getting up
– Bribe me with the thought of grabbing a latte on the way into work
– Pass gas in my general direction
– A grunt

He likes to mix it up and I appreciate that about him.

Here’s a look at my alarms today – and on average I my feet didn’t hit the floor until 4:40. Sorry I’m not sorry

As you can imagine, getting up later than planned means re-working my normal routine – like doing my make-up at work because I’m still there 90 minutes before expecting to see another body, taking a shorter shower (read: #dirtyhair) and thanking my past self for already packing all of my breakfasts and lunches for the week. It also means low level of creativity on my outfits – win some, lose some!

Needless to say, I thank the creators of dry shampoo for helping to remove the visible greasiness of my tresses. I especially thank the fashion/blogging/style world for encouraging and popularizing messy hairstyles, braids, re-curling old curls – Especially for showing us how to rat your mane into a perfect sock bun. How did women ever get by? Rollers?

This Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little girl who lived #dirtyhairdon’tcare before hashtags were even a thing:

heart JE