Tough Mudder #2

First I want to say another Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad! I didn’t get to spend any of the weekend with him but mom treated him right and we will celebrate properly later this week. It sounds like all of you out there also have pretty remarkable dads. That makes me happy.

This weekend was Tough Mudder #2 for me and it was fun to drag Dan along – even if it meant having to watch the DVR version of the US Open when we got home.

Brooke was awesome and drove us East to the city of Fossil where we witnessed the other side of Oregon that those of us from the city often forget about. Fossil, OR is a place where there’s no cell service and a simpler way of life on the ranch.

Or way of life on the ranch was anything but ‘simple‘, but at least we had a fun stay!

Quick Hits – then I’m hitting the pillow!

  • Last year I only made it over 3 of 4 walls, this year I made it over all 4 (with 2 slanted toward us!)
  • Last year I fell multiple times on Everest and never made it up (I quit) and this year I made it up the first time!
  • Having Dan there was the extra boost I needed to get me through ❤
  • Dan was a sweetheart and crashed into the water on the monkey bars before me, just to make it less embarrassing when I fell in on the first rung
  • Arctic Enema was actually a welcome relief from the warm temperatures
  • I had a ‘Brain Reboot” (blacked out) for a moment through Electric Eel. I opened my eyes, heard white noise and just kept crawling.

Sorry for not many photos, my iPhone was stored in our bag pretty quick once we made it to the venue – you’ll have to wait for the official race photos!

Thanks for a fun weekend, friends!

And yes, this was me on the monkey bars.


Wedding Weekend

Thank you for sticking with me this week. It’s been a long one. #TWSS

From the start of the work week where Dan and I didn’t arrive into PDX until 2:30am Monday, to going cross-eyed over spreadsheets Monday and Tuesday, confidently delivering my beautiful work on Wednesday and some defending of my numbers today – I’m so thrilled that it’s Friday.

Let’s talk about how my weekend was where I finally got to Meet the Parents and a few other special members of Dan’s family!

Friday was a wild and crazy day at work and I did everything possible to get out of the building before noon so that I’d be able to connect with mom and make my flight. With a lightly packed gym bag and fully charged electronics I stepped onto the plane and took a nap instantly. Before I knew it I was in Texas for my layover and had already sat down to enjoy the sweet taste of victory for my successful Quarter.

I made it into Nashville just before midnight on Friday where Dan escorted me back to our hotel in Kentucky to a King size bed that has us wanting to make a purchase soon. We made a pit stop for a quick snack and since we were somewhere foreign Dan insisted that White Castle was the only place we could go.., so obviously there’s no photo evidence of what we actually ordered and consumed. #Faturday

The very next morning came early as we were woken with an invite to breakfast, at which I immediately jumped out of bed and into get-ready-to-impress mode for the first meeting in person. Holding Dan’s hand as we approached the restaurant, I instantly felt a calm aura when I saw Dan’s mom, dad and sister in the hotel lobby. Before I knew it I was meeting aunts and uncles from Chicago and Switzerland, bridesmaids and former neighbors. I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet!

After passing through the first round of interviews, Dan and I went on an errand run to find him razors and the finishing touches on the gift we got for the bride and groom.  Exhausted and a little taken aback by the humidity, Dan and I both took the afternoon calm to catch a quick nap.

Like magic, I was soon dressed, in the chapel and witnessing this beautiful lady walking down the aisle. Her parents gave her away in front of family and friends while shutter clicks could be heard from all around the chapel.

These are not my photos. I was too busy admiring her dress and dreaming about my own aisle moment.

Following the wedding, we took our time to get back to the reception hall for a wonderful meal and a night full of dancing. Once I dined and was ready to get my man out on the floor, we danced the night away and had everyone in the room thinking that we’d taken lessons together. From there we laughed, I made new facebook friends, I even grabbed the microphone when the timing was right and had family members asking Dan “Where did she come from?”

Sunday morning came too soon and we said our goodbyes at the Louisville airport. Once we were through security we treated ourselves to “two means four” whiskey orders to celebrate a successful first meeting of hopefully many. Other airport antics included planks, walking around, delay after delay and finally coming home to my amazing parents who picked us up at 2:30 in the morning with the golden sisters – and with a special made lunch in hand.

Such a wonderful weekend, thank you for a wonderful time Dan and family! Congrats, Emily!

heart JE

Throwback Thursday: Meeting the Parents

I can’t believe that it happened so quickly, but it’s May 30th and in two days I get to finally meet Dan’s family.

Dan’s already been in Chicago for a week and has been doing everything from meals with family members to golfing daily with friends (big surprise!). Originally the master scheme was to leave Portland together over Memorial Day weekend and get the grand tour, but the timing wasn’t in my favor with the end of our fiscal year this week. The trip to Chicago is postponed and rather I head to Bowling Green, Kentucky tomorrow – the location of Dan’s little sister’s wedding.

Yikes – meeting the family at a wedding! I know, I’m a little nervous too! 

I joke, I’m probably not as nervous as the normal girlfriend should be for the occasion. I’ve had the pleasure of loyal readership and email correspondence with Dan’s mom, while I’ve overheard the jovial voice of Dan’s dad when they’re on the phone together bantering about everything sports, cars, motorcycles and action movies. 

It’s a little crazy for me to think of all the time Dan’s spent with my family and how often I’ve had to sit back and read mom and dad’s facial expressions depending on what was coming out of Dan’s mouth. Remember the flower incident, Dan? Now it will be fun to witness him with that feeling. He will have to make sure that I’m keeping in line, not doing my infamous nervous jabber and most importantly that I don’t drink too much and take over the microphone at the reception in front of the guests. Kidding, but seriously.

An extremely rewarding part about the trip will be leaving work in the middle of the day tomorrow to catch my flight – the perfect way to wrap up the past three months of the most demanding and exhilarating work of my life.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a girl who knew the importance of packing light, dressing for the destination and posing with confidence:

See you soon, baby!

heart JE

Beach Getaway

This weekend at the coast was unbelievable.

Not only was there a lot of quality family time, the weather was perfect and we truly felt like we were in Southern California and dare I say it – Mexico!

After a long week of working hard, this image about sums it up:

Getting rays down by the sand, taking naps on the porch, watching puppies run wild and eating tasty foods can make any weekend spectacular – I thankfully got to experience all of these!

Little lady Bella is still getting acclimated to the harsh ocean waves and it was fun to watch her curiosity as Bailey and Dad played in the surf.

She saw how much fun her sister was having out there in the waves so she stood on all fours and we could tell that she was processing what her next move would be.

It wasn’t natural or instinctive, but when she decided she would jump in – she went at it full force!

A day at the coast isn’t the same without puppy camaraderie and expert hole-diggin’!

In no time these two struck water and rested in the shallow pool they had created.

For such a gorgeous weekend we were lucky enough to find empty patches of sand where the puppies could run free.

If only every weekend on the Oregon Coast looked and felt as wonderful as this. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us enjoy your home!

heart JE


Thanks for not throwing things at me on Friday for lamely re-directing you to another post that explained how I was feeling – a quality post just wasn’t going to happen.

Some things that did happen on Friday:

  • Scrambled and flustered practice-round presentation
  • A slap in my own face for revealing how scrambled I felt to my team and manager
  • Twenty minutes to myself to get game-time ready
  • A solid, composed and confident presentation when it counted.
  • A celebration patio beer with the team Except they got lunch too
  • A surprise work-birthday party… followed by not much other work.
  • Supergoose IPA in the sun while waiting for Dan to meet me at the theater
  • Iron Man 3 (great flick!)
  • Crashed hard when we got home at 10pm

Saturday morning Dan and I woke up early and refreshed. We quickly packed a bag (that held mostly our electronic devices) and hit the open road to meet up with my parents and little sisters at the coast.

The sun roof open and our sunglasses on the entire trip made us feel like it was mid-July. While the temperatures crept into the high 70’s and the rays of the sun soaked into our skin we felt nothing but joy, relief and a youthful nostalgia of summer break. We talked more in that two hour car ride than we’ve talked in the last few months, and even though a good majority of it was about work – it felt great to listen to his voice, talk about ways we can help each other and get inside of each other’s heads more than the usual “what do you want for dinner, how was your day, did you feed Tiger” conversations.

Unwinding for the weekend was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and definitely helped me with my ‘be spontaneous’ goal. As you can imagine, no additional work for the week was done for this blog, no work was done, no food prep was accomplished and we’ll have to save our Costco trip for another day.

And I’m fine with that, because nothing can beat a sunset like this one.

heart JE

Beach Weekend | Part 2

If you didn’t stop by yesterday I recommend reading yesterday’s Part 1 post to catch up – Now where were we?

Oh yeah, that beautiful day at the coast!

Saturday night after warming up by the fire we had a meal to make! We all played our part in the preparation or clean-up of the taco night and had fun creating our own idea of a heartwarming dinner. Mom browned the meat and cooked the beans, Matt steamed the tortillas, Dan and I chopped vegetables + avocados and we all had our fill on a rainy Saturday evening.

After stuffing our faces with healthy eats, we joked about going out to karaoke, played with the puppies and found ourselves falling asleep in our chairs. I just can’t party like I used to and honestly that’s not a bad thing – weekends are all about relaxing and resting. Especially when adorable moments like these are just around the corner:

Sunday morning came too soon but it was exciting to be woken up by the sound of two puppies ripping around one floor above us. I put my contacts in, kissed Dan good morning and ran up the stairs to see what all the commotion was about!

A sight for sore eyes – Bella was protecting the wall of toys, Bailey was yearning for a walk on the beach and everyone was getting ready for another day together!

I know that I promised some yummy breakfast photos but those are going to have to wait for another day. While they’re mouthwatering, there’s just too many puppy beach photos to share and I’m afraid it would distract you from the most important detail – that it was a beautiful day at the Oregon Coast and a perfect way to round out the weekend. We even splurged with ice cream cones!! Bella’s first steps on the moon beach were as exciting as you could imagine – she was careful, curious and witnessing every move made by her older sister so that she would know what to do when she was one day old enough to go crashing in the waves along with her.

^ Look at his eyes! ^

I only wish that it could have been a few degrees warmer and a little less windy for our long walk up and down the coast, but it was a perfect excuse for hot cocoa with marshmallows and cuddling with my sweetheart. Wonderful weekend!

heart JE

Beach Weekend | Part 1

The past weekend at the coast with the entire family was exactly what the doctor called for. A new sister to love, a brother who lives far away home for a week and some extra R&R demanded by my body and my mind. You can’t argue that snuggling is the best medicine!

Since the entire family was invited, I brought Tiger to work so that he could leave for the coast with us on Friday evening. He didn’t seem to enjoy the smaller home and going on a road trip, but we think it was a better alternative than letting him starve and have no social interaction for a few days. Protective mother.

Dan and I set out after another long week to dine at Mo’s and use up some vouchers we had purchased a few months ago and had a tasty and filling meal before meeting up with the family. Steamed clams, salmon steak, cannonball bowl and a cookie and we were happy oysters.

We tucked into bed early on Friday night in anticipation of a fun weekend ahead. Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful breakfast bar with anything we could ever ask for all presented by my mom the hostess. Once we were well fed and caffeinated – we bundled up and headed out to the sand to get some walk-time in before the rain was supposed to hit. It was pretty cold, and since miss Bella isn’t allowed to walk on the beach yet, but we made the most of our time outdoors and Bailey got to strut her stuff in the sand and crashing into the waves. Goldens just want to have fun!

Once we made it back indoors and everyone warmed up (for me it took a shower and hot cocoa) we had a fun time watching the puppies play and figure out their relationship with each other while heating our feet by the fire. I’m not sure if it was the glow from the fireplace or the glow from our laptops/iPads/kindles – but everyone looked Happy. 

That’s all for today, look forward to seeing our tasty dinner, filling breakfast, and a SUNNY day at the coast with cuteness-overload and even ice cream cones!