June Accountability Check

When we started this month I was high on life. We had just ended a successful 4th quarter, I met Dan’s family and I was looking forward to getting after a lot of exciting work when life was supposed to slow down during the first quarter of our fiscal year.

Very quickly, I found out that the world doesn’t always work the way you hope it will and that being open to change is an incredible asset to have.

That being said, June’s Eight Great Goals are due for an accountability check…


1. I’ve used up 4 of my 5 early work mornings (6am) and have done a great job at sticking to it even though work has required me to have a lot of tasks complete in just a short amount of time. 

2. My attempt at lifting weights hasn’t gone any further than holding hand weights during some longer runs. Starting today (no, really – today!) I’m going to hit the gym and get in front of some iron. Then I’ll pick it up, and I’ll set it down. My muscles feel good coming off from Tough Mudder and I want them to continue to feel the burn.

3. I’ve hardly called any friends and really have only talked to family on the phone for Father’s Day wishes. Work in progress.

4. No meal schedule for Dan and I – but I’ve been consistent with packing good lunches as always.

5. No, I’m such a snack fiend – more on that in tomorrow’s post.

6. Only daily doubles I’ve completed this month were on weekends, but with a run completed this morning and weights (as mentioned in #2) this afternoon I’ll be on a better schedule.

7. No time off has been scheduled and I don’t know if I’ll be able to make time this month.

8. I’ve been pretty good about eating lunch away from my desk, I just need to get better now about actually getting away from the office (conference rooms, etc) so that I can really clear my head.

Expectations lowered? Good!

I’m tracking to my running goals and I’m getting a lot of good sleep (from exhaustion, not relaxation!).

That counts, right?

heart JE


8 thoughts on “June Accountability Check

  1. Sounds like you’re doing pretty well on your goals. I think half the battle is being realistic with yourself when checking in, and I firmly believe that if you are meeting all your goals, then you didn’t set them high enough. There should always be room for a little improvement as we push to better ourselves.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Phew, thank you for not being hard on me.

      You’re so right that if I’m meeting them all then I’m not setting them high enough. The one I’m most proud of is coming into work early. Carpooling with my guy has been a wonderful change to my day, allows me to vent after work and makes the end of the day that much more satisfying. Thanks!!

  2. Excited to hear about your snacking tomorrow- I am such a snacker and think that is one of the flaws I need to work on. On the good side, since I pack all my snacks and lunch, they’re healthy. But I also think busy days at work keep me from the want to munch on things!

  3. I am terrible about eating at my desk too. It feels great to step away when I do though. Kind of like working out… love the way it feels AFTER I have done it!

  4. My favorite part about this is that these goals are so measurable. That’s really the only goals that you can really see progress in. Sounds like you’re on the forward track, so that’s awesome!

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