Bachelorette Weekend

Dan left for Chicago on Saturday and since I dropped him at the airport it’s been a beautiful bachelorette weekend.

I do miss him dearly and the three terrifying motion alarms in the middle of the night didn’t give me much opportunity to rest, but the waking hours are exactly the way I’d draw up the perfect three day weekend.

Hours at my beloved neighborhood coffee shop, Lumineer’s Pandora station filling the house, no shame walking out of the house in my glasses, chambray + leggings + lace up boots…basically I turned into a hipster overnight.

Other musings included:

  • My monthly 90 minute massage to get all the running and weight lifting kinks out
  • Sleeping in until 11:30 – which is unheard of.
  • More running to get to my 100 miles for the month (only 4 remaining!)
  • Delicious recovery meal of Dave’s Killer Bread, 2 Eggs, 1/2 Avocado, Sriracha and Pepper {below}
  • A refreshing strawberrita or two while catching up on weekend reading
  • Finally watched Silver Linings Playbook – since Dan didn’t exactly want to see it

It also looks like I have developed a signature pose with my coffee, head tilt and eye position. Help us all.

I’m going to take advantage of the 90% rain forecast here in Portland and continue to pamper myself with a facial, a bubble bath and maybe even a manicure if I’m feeling wild.

I finally see the finish line at work for the end of the fiscal year and I can’t be stopped now!

Carpe Diem, friends!

heart JE


8 thoughts on “Bachelorette Weekend

    • Gotta love Red Box 🙂 I liked the movie! I was rooting for Pat & Tiffany from the moment they met. I liked them together not because they were both ‘misfits’, but because they understood one another on a deeper level and could help each other get over their pasts. Cheesy at times, but I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence and I was happy to watch it alone 🙂

  1. I absolutely LOVE weekends to myself. This weekend I was off in Bend, Oregon for a girlfriends bachelorette party, it was such a blast but I definitely need some time to recoup. Ha. Looks like a lovely weekend!

  2. This sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! (Yes, I know it’s Wednesday already.. the internet and I haven’t been on friendly terms lately). I am secretly very excited for when my cohabitation partner leaves for a 2 week trip in July taking students around Colorado- I am going to pamper myself with a massage and a mani/pedi too!

    • Ha-ha the things we do when our cohab’s run away. 2 weeks though, you’re going to be a different woman!! 🙂 I hope your internet gets its act together!

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