Friday #Fail

It’s going to be 80 degrees this Friday in Portland and I know I’ll be distracted all day looking out the window at happy runners and people leaving early to get their weekend in motion.

If you’re looking for a great read and something to do – grab your trainer shoes and head over to Brooke’s blog for an awesome Beach Bod Workout lineup and depending on when you check in..some great Friday links to put you in a great mood for the weekend.

Wondering what I’m up to? Read my post from the 3rd of last month and you’ll get the idea!

Under the Bridge – My losing song

Also know that I contemplated just staying the night at work – but didn’t want to leave the outfit for an important day to Dan’s discretion. I would have mis-matched socks, a shirt that’s too tight and probably no mascara or concealer to hide the bags under my eyes. He probably also would have chosen from the wrong underwear drawer.

Looking forward to unwinding at 1pm today, seeing Iron Man 3 and heading to the coast with Dan to be with my family.

Huge accomplishment this week was booking the flight for May 31st to meet Dan’s family at his sister’s wedding. I found a great flight, now just need to sync up the flight home so that I don’t miss June’s crazy work week – agh!

Thanks everyone, you’re what keeps me going!

And coffee – don’t forget coffee.

heart JE


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