Throwback Thursday: Waking Up

This is a post that I think Dan will like.

It’s Thursday and oh boy am-I-tired. This week has been full of back to back alarms blaring between the early why me times of 4:15 to 4:30. Even though I can operate well on low sleep during the workweek and find myself enjoying waking early on weekends to get my runs out of the way – physically getting out of bed is a different story.

I’ve always been a hard sleeper and have been known to stay in bed a little later that I should when I need to put my feet on the floor and run out the door.

Having Dan to sleep next to has been really helpful (on most days) because where I can lay there ignoring my alarms going off back to back, he always does his best to get me out of bed using one of the following fail-proof methods:

– A kick
– A nudge
– Shine his Fuelband LED time display in my face
– Turn the clapper nightlights on
– Ask if I’m still getting up
– Bribe me with the thought of grabbing a latte on the way into work
– Pass gas in my general direction
– A grunt

He likes to mix it up and I appreciate that about him.

Here’s a look at my alarms today – and on average I my feet didn’t hit the floor until 4:40. Sorry I’m not sorry

As you can imagine, getting up later than planned means re-working my normal routine – like doing my make-up at work because I’m still there 90 minutes before expecting to see another body, taking a shorter shower (read: #dirtyhair) and thanking my past self for already packing all of my breakfasts and lunches for the week. It also means low level of creativity on my outfits – win some, lose some!

Needless to say, I thank the creators of dry shampoo for helping to remove the visible greasiness of my tresses. I especially thank the fashion/blogging/style world for encouraging and popularizing messy hairstyles, braids, re-curling old curls – Especially for showing us how to rat your mane into a perfect sock bun. How did women ever get by? Rollers?

This Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little girl who lived #dirtyhairdon’tcare before hashtags were even a thing:

heart JE


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