Under The Bridge

When I was in high school and finally old enough to drive, I remember playing two different songs on my drive home after softball games depending on the outcome.

I had either my “Winning song” or my “Losing song” to look forward to and can’t honestly tell you which one I enjoyed more. I know I loved winning, but the losing song is arguably my all-time favorite and always gently lifted my spirits and brought me back from the ashes.

The reason I’m telling you this is that yesterday when I got in my car to head for home at 8pm, I felt like I’d just lost a big game.

The first three days of the month are a crazy time for my team and this was especially hectic with two new teammates who are still learning the ropes from me, who is still trying to find the ropes to toss them a line. I spent 14 hours at my desk and did my best to teach, educate, encourage and demonstrate – but found myself running out of time to do my own work which as you can imagine would cause stress for anyone.

Listen – I didn’t even have time to even eat the lunch I’d packed. Where on earth is it okay for there not to be time for lunch?

The past two days I’ve been at the mercy of this work schedule and have brought back home an un-opened gym bag for both of them. Spending dawn to dusk at my desk (6am-8pm) has really put me down in the dumps and I’m looking forward to this weekend already. One more day of this crazy schedule, then back to the normal flow – but at least I’m in the clear until the start of May to be expected to put in all the hours it takes to get the job done.

All it took yesterday on the drive home was to crank on my losing song. It cleared my mind of worries and gently lifted me off the ground to prepare for a new day.

Under The Bridge

Fun Fact: at 0:43 you’ll see the Portland skyline!

Wish me luck today!

heart JE


8 thoughts on “Under The Bridge

  1. Ugh, long days with no lunch should not be permissible! I hope you are getting noticed for putting in your all- you rock at your job and have learned enough basics to help others: that is a win in my book! My foot has been hurting so I also haven’t gotten to the gym lately, so I feel you on that front too.

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