Easy Trader Joe’s Brownies

Do you want to know the secret of how to make the easiest and most delicious desserts? Let someone else do the work for you! The lazy man’s plan.

Trader Joe's Brownies

Even after all of the desserts I’ve pinned onto my Pinterest boards and the delicious morsels I see posted within the blogging community, I still am a fan of simplicity and efficiency.

To prove how quickly you can convert this from box to brownies – picture this. I was able to un-box, pour, mix, photograph and throw it in the oven before Dan even realized what I was up to. It was only when he smelled ooey gooey brownies that he raced into the kitchen to take a look! If I didn’t still have the evidence out of the ingredients he’d have no idea it was the ‘reduced guilt’ option.

Bravo, Trader Joe’s!

I’ll show you how easy it is:

You can imagine how quickly this dessert disappeared from our house – I’m already getting asked when we can make it again!

heart JE


4 thoughts on “Easy Trader Joe’s Brownies

    • Ha-ha I’m happy to say I had a LOT of help to make it disappear. My boyfriend does most of the clean-up work around the house when we have treats in sight! 🙂 So, reduced guilt at least on my end! You’re welcome!

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