Look Out World, Here’s Bella!

I’d mentioned a time or two on here about a new addition to the family, but was hesitant to share as the original lady we’d planned to introduce pictured below was caught in a snow storm. We were set on going to get Miss Purple from Nebraska as she is the step-sister to my sister, Bailey and adorable as can be!

Via Loup Valley Goldens

No flights available, a 22 hour drive one-way, a growing puppy almost too big to be able to fly in the plane cabin and a brother arriving at the end of the week were all hidden messages to look beyond the predictable path and let our hearts open up to another option.

My dad took it upon himself to look on his kindle and found a little bundle of love who was only a two hour drive away. I received a call from my mom on my Saturday run and she informed me that they were going to take a drive to ‘look’ at some puppies in Eugene – and invited me along for the ride. Done deal – I turned around, showered quickly and headed to my parents’ house for the journey south.

After what seemed like the longest drive ever, we arrived in Tracktown, USA and were on the ultimate puppy hunt. We arrived to the owners’ house and met the prospective puppy’s parents (Dash and Peaches) and were directed to the garage where these three silly faces were looking at us.

Each of them eight weeks old born on December 30th, these fluffballs named Beans, Leo and Lucy were placed into each of our arms and gave us their most earnest ‘take-me-home-today’ puppy kisses. After asking questions of the family, petting the pups and watching them play together we had a family huddle and weighed out our options. As we were leaning toward a girl, we placed extra attention on Lucy and she reciprocated. We discussed our feelings and restrictions of getting Miss Purple from Nebraska, and that the gentle nature of Lucy was steering us in a new direction.

A handshake, an exchange of cash, toys and food and before I knew it… I had a new sister! Lucy was a beautiful name, but with all of our four legged family members’ names starting with ‘B’, Bella seemed to fit perfectly.

World, meet Bella!

I’m so excited that she’s joined our family and you bet you’ll be seeing more cuteness around here!

❤ JE


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