Friday Pick-Me-Up

This has been one of the very longest weeks of all time for Dan and I.

We were both slaves to the office over the weekend, several early mornings and late evenings later (besides Monday) and here I am going on only a few short hours of sleep and a pretty long day ahead of me.

Rather than a Week 7 Cohabitation post I’m going to share some things that made me take a step back and smile this week – hopefully it will make your week go down a little better too!

This wonderful latte from my neighborhood coffee shop:

This internet meme (Harlem Shake) that’s super silly – especially the Tracktown USA version:

or this:

He brought me dinner last night and we ate at the office table. Such a wonderful guy – and I’m sad too, he can’t leave because I drove.

This silly bucket of sloths:

This TED Talk about the Power of Introverts

I have a massage tomorrow – hello Physical Therapy!

Thinking of making these yummies via Brooke, these brownies via Marisa… and apparently running a lot to work it all off!

And this amazing human jumbrotron:

I’m wishing you a very happy Friday and hopefully a less hair-splitting one than mine! 

❤ JE


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