South(east) Scramble

Most weekends Dan and I are pretty bad about eating breakfast at a normal time. Weekdays we are on a strict schedule but on Saturday and Sunday we like to sleep in and get our lazy on. Once we finally roll jump out of bed I often go for a run and he’s surprisingly never really hungry until the afternoon.

This weekend actually was no different, but when we decided to make brunch after noon we put a little extra flare into it. We were both skilled cooks in the kitchen and had fun making a Southwesteast Scramble that would end up keeping us full all day long!

The inspiration for the scramble was the dozen eggs in the egg caddy that hadn’t been touched for two weeks. The rest was fridge and pantry magic.

Check it out and make your own next weekend!


8 Eggs

3 Trader Joe’s Chicken Jalapeño sausages

1 Green Pepper

1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes

1 can black beans

MmmMmm Sriracha and maybe a little post photography shredded low-fat mozzarella

Simply amazing!

❤ JE


4 thoughts on “South(east) Scramble

    • I know – that was the last of my supply, I got more this weekend!! 🙂 That will sometimes make the decision for me in restaurants if I see sundried tomatoes! 🙂 I hope your puppy is doing well

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