Wearing Lately

Disclaimer: This is not an outfit post.

Since starting my new job I feel like I’ve learned how to step up my overall look. Whether it’s to appear older, more mature, put my best foot forward or to mask my inside awkward feelings – it’s making me feel more comfortable on a daily basis.

My new take on my style isn’t temporary, it’s the beginning of creating the personal branding that I’ve needed for some time now. When I can expect to have a new first impression each day I feel the need to do what I can to be memorable in a good way and subliminally send the message that I’ve got it together.

  • Doing my hair in curls every morning.
  • Planning outfits that are clean, simple and classy.
  • Strategically choosing accessories (including jackets and purses) that go best with my outfit.
  • Avoiding sneakers, casual wear and my beloved hoodies and zip-ups at all costs.
  • Carrying my moleskine planner everywhere with me – shows that I’m organized!!
  • Sticking to neutrals and earthy tones to avoid the risk of my outfit being louder than my words.

Look good, Feel good!

Lucky me I have a knack for finding great deals, only buy what I love and a mother who knows what I like and loves to add to my wardrobe.

Thanks to instagram I have a few photos to show you what I mean:

Grayling Jewelry (gifted) + scarf (gifted)

Fossil Bracelet (gifted) + Michael Kors watch (gifted) – similar

Kate Spade love (discount!!) Sold Out – options here

Kate Spade double love (gifted)

Bracelets: DIY

Society 6 iPhone Case

Seychelle’s booties

Steve Madden booties 

Steve Madden Booties

It makes me happy to ‘play dress up’ and has truly given me an additional layer of confidence lately.  Hoping to share more with you guys soon!

❤ JE


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