Happy Anniversary

Today’s post is dedicated to two kids who hit it off immediately, fell in love, began a family and have only grown closer together in their love over the past 29 years of marriage.

My mom and dad are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary today and they continue to be the benchmark for what a relationship should look and feel like.  They successfully owned and operated their own business for 20+ years, they raised two career-driven children with nourishing childhoods and even brighter futures and they continue to raise a “child” even though their human children have flown from the nest. I admire that they have accomplished so much together and that they relentlessly continue to work hard to spread love, build their future and enjoy their precious time together. I’ve never seen two people more in love.

Never have I seen them stop caring for each other, make decisions that didn’t benefit them as a couple or miss a step in their walk together in this crazy life. How cute are these two?

Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for sharing some of the photos I found over the holiday break. These kids are off enjoying an extended weekend in beautiful weather at the coast where they are making memories and preparing the home for many years to come.

❤ JE


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