Fuel Millionaire

That’s right – I’m a Nike Fuel Millionaire!

I was so close Monday night with 999,100 before I realized that my 5:30am run the next morning would be the activity that pushed me into the next bracket. And here it is, One Million!

Wait, you don’t know what I’m talking about?

The Nike FuelBand ($149) measures everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. Using accelerometers it measures movement consistently – Yes, all movement – and gives a beautiful LED display return on how much work you put in. Set daily goals for yourself and aim to crush them!

For me, here are some average assumptions on my everyday activities:

1 Running Mile = 400 Points

1 Hour NTC Session = 1,100 Points

Morning Beauty Routine = 450 Points (more than 1 mile?! Long hair, don’t care)

Emptying the Dishwasher = 200 Points

Folding a few day’s worth of Laundry = 350 Points

Grocery Shopping = 600 Points


I’ve had the Nike FuelBand since April 16th and have been earning fuel non-stop and competitively with friends in my network. I’m impressed by the numbers some of my friends put up each day and am truly motivated by constant #FuelChecks I participate in.

If you’re seeking some motivation for the new year, I recommend the Nike FuelBand for a sweet piece of technology + a constant reminder to get out and get m o v i n g.

❤ JE


3 thoughts on “Fuel Millionaire

  1. hope you got the nike fuel millionaire lace token email – i got mine yesterday so have printed it off – hope the store know what i’m coming in for as I didnt know they had a token for hitting the million!!

    • I got mine and picked it up today. I have 1.5 M. I thought I would’ve gotten it sooner. But no worries I got it. Question, did anyone get the bracelet to wear it? If not where pretell do I get it from?

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