Holiday Weekend

While many regard Thanksgiving weekend as a time to indulge, shop, rest from work and indulge some more – this weekend was all about family, love and much needed relaxation.

Aside from the big meals and leftovers, we had a fun time going out to see a movie, playing Rockband in the comfort of the basement kind of karaoke for mom and a send-off for Matt as he made the journey back to Luxembourg. As always, it was difficult to see Matt leave Portland, but we are excited for him with his career and wouldn’t ever want to keep him from it.

Dan made it East for Thanksgiving weekend Wednesday evening just after dark and stayed over with the family through Saturday morning. I’m happy to believe that he and my family get along well together, especially sister Bailey who flirts uncontrollably with him.

Since my sister Bailey is always camera ready, she steals the show and is especially photogenic when she has her kids hanging out with her for days. I promise this is my last post about the time off from work this past week!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend

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