Halo 4 Release Night

Last night I volunteered to be an accomplice for the night Dan had been looking forward to the most this fall: The Halo 4 Midnight Launch Party.

I’ve been impressed with Dan over the summer as he hasn’t bought as many video games as he would have liked to – but this one he’s set on buying and being present for the midnight party to pick up his newest prized possession.

Dan apologizes in advance for how absent he will be for the next upcoming week. From what I can tell, he will be playing a single player mission on “Legendary” level (expert) and beating it within a day, then playing multi-player online with millions of others throughout the holidays and well into 2013. I am dating a nerd who is a pro at video games.

After we dominated a Nike Training Club session we made a sandwich, watched the 5 part Live Action Series so that I would understand the back story to the game (Episodes 12345) and headed out to claim our spot in line. Did I mention that Dan took this entire week off from work just for this grand event? He’s not only obsessed he’s dedicated.

As far as I know, Dan has been playing since 1am and plans to play until his eyes are no longer able to stay open. I’d guess that means Tuesday at 10pm (read: 21 hours).  I’m planning to keep my distance from him so that I don’t get jealous of his new love – especially since all I’ll see of him for the upcoming week will be the left side of his face fixated to a TV screen with headset and all. I’m looking forward to self time and some girl time with Amanda and hoping he gets the most out of his week dedicated to Halo 4.

Once we got the Limited Edition game in hand, we cruised through a Jack in the Box drive-thru, set up camp and I downloaded his ‘extra content’ while he geeked out over the game packaging. (I’m dying of laughter). Actual game play began at 1:30am and he is glued to his chair. I hope he takes a break to shower and at least eat something healthy today. A girl can dream.

I had his permission to document our evening in whatever way I saw fit:

^ 2 Monster Energy Drinks ^

^ Only time he ever drinks soda – video game launch parties ^

^ Patiently waiting for his Group # ^

^ Group 13!! ^

^ Sneak peek + new friends ^

^ 10 minutes to go – feels like ringing in the New Year ^

^ Because Taco Bell was closed ^

^ Opening screen that Dan watched for 5 mins ^

^ That’s a look of admiration if I’ve ever seen one ^

^ Legen…. wait for it… Dary! ^

^ 7:45 am – Swoosh gamer tee + Code Red on repeat ^

I joke, but I love and fully support his passions. I’m happy when he’s happy!

❤ JE


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