October Summary

Just like that, October has come to a close!

This was quite the busy month with a big and vague announcement at work, a long distance to run and several projects to keep me busy.

In Portland, summer ended and the rain made its comeback for the next 9 months. With its presence a fun new hashtag was born on instagram for PDX’ers to embrace the gloomy days: #WhenItRainsItPortlands (started by Gilganizer)

Drum Roll Please……………………………..


  • I finished my first marathon on October 7th, 2012
  • I Voted!
  • Completed 21 Days of the OctNOber Challenge (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3)
  • I didn’t drink alcohol for 35 days – the longest streak since turning 21!
  • Current Running Stats: 100.2 Miles
  • My new best Nike+ FuelBand Day: 11,585


  • Watched all 54 episodes of Breaking Bad that have aired to date. Only 8 left starting Spring 2013!
  • DIY Family Name Art for the beach house.
  • Halloween Decorations (here and here) but no costumes.

Great Memories:

  • A wonderful Beach weekend with my parents, Bailey and Dan!
  • The Macklemore Concert with Brooke and Brad
  • Seeing Dan after his visit home to Chicago
  • Dan said “I love you” for the first time. I cried smiled, hugged and kissed him and said it back…about a hundred times. He took my breath away.

Thanks for coming back for the monthly recap series! Onward, November!

❤ JE


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