OctNOber – Last Day Update!

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The day Dan has been waiting for… the last day of our 21 day OctNOber challenge!

Actually, tomorrow is the day he’s really excited for – I think I may have to hide the Halloween candy from him. Then again, he may have to pry from my fingers take the pumpkin ice cream from me.

We had a great Halloween weekend together at my house watching sports, finishing season 5 (part 1) of Breaking Bad and firing up the grill for some juicy steak!

It was also his half birthday weekend so I wanted to make sure it was extra special for him especially with my 25th Birthday coming up.

{Not pictured are the three latte’s we each enjoyed, the 6 pack of Angry Orchard Hard Cider that was gone within hours, or Saturday’s brunch scramble made to perfection with the help of meats from Otto’s Sausage Kitchen.}

^ NY Boneless Strip Steak and Filet Mignon from Trader Joe’s ^

^ Garlic Potatoes and Haricots Verts from Trader Joe’s ^

^ The good stuff is meant for sipping ^

^ Not as friendly as the Ticket Oak ^

^ Never waste the guts of a pumpkin ^

After the Chicago Bears won what seemed like it could have been the Super Bowl based on Dan’s cheers and chants, we set off to celebrate with a southern Half Birthday brunch at the Screen Door where lines are long because the food is unbelievable. I’d been meaning to take Dan here for a long time, but he’s always had golf, I’ve had marathon training and we’ve just both been busy. I knew that his eyes would light up at the sight of 4 pieces of fried chicken over a sweet potato waffle impaled with a steak knife. When it came to the table I heard something I’ve never heard from him before.

Wow, you and I could have just split this.

Next time we will, but I enjoyed my Tofu Hash both for brunch and leftovers last night. The brunch that keeps on giving.

^ Screen Door Brunch Menu ^

^ Coffee while you wait ^

^ Fried Chicken + Sweet Potato Waffle ^

^ Tofu Hash ^

I do plan to have something sweet on Wednesday, but I don’t plan to binge and/or make it a habit. I feel empowered to say no!

❤ JE


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