OctNOber – 14th Day Update

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Only 7 days remaining in the OctNOber challenge!

I am proud to say that I survived the beach weekend without making hot cocoa and although I begged, Dan kept me from the mini marshmallows meant to be enjoyed straight from the bag with that same hot cocoa. I mostly stayed out of the candy drawer except for a few packs pieces of gum, and made it an opportunity to toss my dad a treat instead!

Last week for a work dinner, I enjoyed a several course meal at Ringside Steakhouse and didn’t partake in the bread or desserts which looked to-die-for. I can’t complain. I couldn’t even finish my main plate instagramed below, so Dan lucked out with a hot lunch for the next day.

Downside: now he wants to go there. Maybe for a really special occasion, hun?

^Surf & Turf at Ringside Steakhouse^

Adding to the work temptations were the bowls of candy in front of me during a staff meeting. I came armed with water and coffee and took the ‘likes’ on my instagram as support from friends. Thanks all!

^Full bars, are you kidding me?^

Then, at the grocery store on Sunday night I saw PEPPERMINT holiday special ice cream on display and had anxiety that by the time the 21 days are over there would be no pumpkin limited edition half churn left. This impulse buy led to Dan taking custody of it, burying it deep in the freezer, and writing on it with sharpie, “NO JESS! – NOT TIL 10/31!” Can a girl not be trusted?

^But really, it’s necessary^

Even though popcorn isn’t on the naughty list, I’m sure caramel / cheese soaked corns are. After the Family shared bag was almost gone, Dan got back in line for a Large bag of a Large Caramel Whale on Steroids and a Large Cheese Whale. Both bags have been demolished. Yes, I may have helped a little!

^Then we replenished my dad’s bag^

So, for now and the next 7 days I’m keeping the fruit bowl full, the water bottle uncapped and the green tea steeping.

❤ JE


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