October Beach Weekend

This weekend Dan and I made the trek down to Lincoln City on Friday night to meet my parents and Bailey at their beach house. Since the forecast called for rain and lots of it, we expected to be stuck inside with the warm blaze of the fire and the constant sound of rain against the windows. As you’ll see from the photos below, we were lucky enough to have blue skies and mid 50 degree weather to get out of the house and enjoy our weekend together!

It was amazing to see the updates that my parents had made to the house and how much love and effort they had put into the apartment downstairs. I didn’t snap any photos when we first got there and once we had unpacked it was no longer picture perfect.

Saturday morning we visited an estate sale up the street and found a perfect piece of furniture to fit into the living room. Now there’s leather couch seating for 5 (which means 3 + Bailey) with the bonus sleeper feature for anytime there’s more guests than just Dan and I.

We enjoyed whale watching from the Namaste bench that overlooks the ocean and saw several spouts that made us believe they were traveling in pods. We also had Wifi installed (yay!) and took full advantage of seven a few electronic devices being connected at once. There’s been a rule set for ‘No TV’ at the beach house, but streaming videos online doesn’t count as TV, does it? Nope!

Other than Lincoln City, we traveled south to Depoe Bay and Newport on Sunday for a change of scenery. It’s always a fun time at the coast and we were happy to have a break from reality. Everything’s better at the beach!

Lincoln City

^ The whale watching bench ^

^How THRILLED Dad was to find a perfect sleeper couch at an estate sale ^

^ Mid day view ^

^Starting to rain + spouting whales! ^

Depoe Bay

^ Depoe Bay ^

^ Crashing waves ^

^ Smallest navigable harbor in the world ^

^ Dad rang the bell after ordering a Big Whale on Steroids ^

^ $1 ceiling ^

^ Fun to watch this boat going out to sea in rough conditions ^


^ Seals & Sea Lions! ^

^ Mom’s favorite was the blonde who resembled Bailey ^

^ The port ^

^Ships and seagulls ^

^ Seagull perched ^

^ Ocean town ^

^ Dad’s starfish find ^

❤ JE


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