Weekend Update

This has been such a great weekend but unfortunately I don’t have much to show for it. The first weekend in Portland with rain was well spent indoors with family and friends, and happily no marathon training for the first weekend since June. My body thanks me.

Breaking Bad-a-thon

I can’t count disclose how many episodes Dan and I watched of Breaking Bad this weekend, but we were literally glued to our seats moving to the next episode every 50 minutes, planning easy meals around when we could pause/start/take a break from watching. If you haven’t heard of the show, it’s about a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer, and in a panic to support his family through his illness he becomes one of the most inconspicuous drug manufacturers in the southwestern United States. He finds himself caught up in more trouble than he bargained for, but can’t cut ties from the webs he’s weaved through his new unplanned lifestyle.

We are currently on Season 3 Episode 8 and still have 27 shows until we are caught up with real-time. Challenge accepted!

Celebration of Life

On Saturday my mom’s side of the family gathered together to celebrate the life of my great aunt Pat who passed away last month on her 80th birthday. Her immediate family slaved this past week to cook, decorate and prepare for this celebration and their hard work showed. I enjoyed chatting with family members I don’t see very often and watching the slideshow of photos from the past that captured my great aunt’s love for her family. The words that were shared about her reminded me that the way you treat others in your life is all that matters, as that’s how you will be remembered.

I loved the DIY rustic feel from the decor and am inspired to replicate a few ideas to warm up my home for the holidays. I also enjoyed trying to teach grandma how to send a text message, but don’t expect her to pick it up anytime soon. A phone call and a visit will have to do!

NFL Redzone

I broke the streak of no alcohol at 35 days with two of Blue Moon’s seasonal brews: Harvest Pumpkin Ale and Caramel Apple Spiced Ale. I have to admit that beer has never tasted so good, and I wish I could find the Caramel Apple Spiced Ale in a six pack. More research to be done on that soon!

Brooke and Brad invited Dan and I over to watch the NFL Redzone channel and cooked us a hot meal after we snacked on some cheddar pretzels and hummus. Dan was in heaven with all of the best plays flashing before him and zero commercials to interrupt the stimulation. He was simultaneously checking his fantasy football standings and rooting on his players to get him a victory. It was a bye week for his Chicago Bears so he ended up losing his match-up due to not enough players from other teams to earn him points.

I’ll have a busy week at work but am anticipating the tasty Tuesday night dinner at Ringside Steakhouse – yum!

❤ JE


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