Macklemore Concert

Oh hey, it’s Friday! Great job this week, everyone!

Last night was the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert with Brad, Brooke, Tyler, Justine and a sold out Portland crowd! The Crystal Ballroom downtown was packed and parking was competitive. Weeknight concerts can be tough to recover from, but I kept my no drinking streak solid at 33 days so I was able to save some cash, focus on the music and not have to worry about enlisting hangover remedies. Macklemore and crew came on stage at 9:45pm sharp while we were all chatting about how we would normally be in bed already excited we were!

The upbeat vibe from the crowd made the old building come alive. All of the people jumping around us (and us too) on the bouncy dance floor reminded me of one of my first high school dances at the same venue where I was awkwardly trying to walk/dance/stay standing in heels for one of the first times!

I want to share with you two very different songs that drew me to Macklemore from the new album The Heist which have been on repeat all week since it was released October 9th.

The upbeat rhythm and fast tempo of “Can’t Hold Us” is perfect for workouts, driving in the car or just getting ready and feeling good. I played this song several times as my ‘power song’ during the 26.2 run and felt a surge of energy every time. It brought the house down last night and had everyone in the place screaming for more!

On a completely opposite end of the spectrum, the social message on marriage equality behind their song “Same Love” is very powerful and I’m sure they felt the love from us in Portland. The music video was just published 10 days ago and has millions of views already – a few from me and I’ll admit that I cry happy tears every time around 3:35 into the video.

Politics aside, did you cry too or am I just sensitive?

Macklemore is a Northwest artist based in Seattle, WA and I’m so happy they made a stop in Portland!

❤ JE


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