Portland Greek Festival

Other than resting up for the race, I had quite the eventful Friday evening at the Portland Greek Festival with friends from work.

A few friends were celebrating their October birthdays, and what better way to celebrate than with free entry to the Portland Greek Festival at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Northeast Portland. The place was packed and the scent in the air was that of slow-roasted lamb and sweet honey fried goodness named Loukoumades.

Dan and I bought $20 worth of ‘talents’ which were what was used at the food tents as currency. With that $20, he had me set aside an ’emergency’ $3 so that we could sell them back at the end for personal reasons and proceeded to get a gyro, spanakopita, sausage, souvlaki and loukoumades.

We didn’t drink any alcohol as I have been on a no-alcohol plan for the month preceding the marathon – which was good because the food was much more worth our hard-earned dollars!

Unfortunately we weren’t patient enough to buy a meal ticket and wait hours for the slow rotisserie cooked lamb, but felt the anticipation from the crowd as the lambs were being announced over the loud-speaker when they were ready to be served. Instead, we braved the long and competitive lines for the sampler appetizer type foods and we were very satisfied by our choices! I do plan to make the loukoumades one weekend this fall and will let you know how my batch compares!

Until then, enjoy some photos from the evening!

^Instagram #frontcamera^

^The gyro disappeared quickly^


^Fresh batch coming in hot and gooey^

^We sprinkled extra cinnamon^

^Dan is Impressed, so is the baby to the left^

^Likely busting each other about their Fantasy Football teams #boyswillbeboys^

This festival will be back next year! I highly recommend that you take the time to make it to the annual Greek Festival and be sure you save enough time to enjoy the lamb that pdx foodies raved about!

❤ JE


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