Dan the Man Visits Chicago

The two long weeks of waiting for Dan to return to Portland are over!

I picked him up from PDX at 10:30pm on Tuesday night and we (planned in advance) to take the day off together Wednesday to celebrate his homecoming.

Over the two weeks we calculated that he played 117 holes of golf, ate “one too many” cheeseburgers, drank more in 2 weeks than he has in a few months and didn’t work up a good sweat a single time. It seems that he really enjoyed his time away!

His first weekend in Chicago, Dan participated in the Dundee Township Park District Open and earned 2nd place with scores of 73 on Saturday and 71 on Sunday. He used his winnings to take care of his caddy in the form of new gear from the Pro Shop – such a giver!

Throughout the remainder of the week he helped his dad around the house, saw many of the friends he’s been missing and had a wonderful family breakfast while his sister was home to visit as well.

Dan’s teams were 1 for 3 in sporting events he attended -his White Sox lost 10-4 and the USA let the Ryder Cup slip through their fingers, but his faith was restored with the Bears 34-18 win vs the Cowboys for Monday Night Football. He and his dad flew to Dallas for his dad’s 56th birthday to see the Monday game and also took a tour of Cowboy Stadium the following day. It was such a thoughtful gift and I’m happy they were able to make the plane to Dallas even after they just barely made the plane before the gate closed – (okay, maybe Dan sweat once in this mad sprint!)

I asked Dan to proof-read this post and he said that the only thing he needed me to add was “how much he was missing me”. #awww

I’m so happy to have him home! 🙂
All photos by Dan:

Photo: DTPD Open practice round with my caddy with David Cartwright

^Golfer/Caddy bonding^^His cute yoga pants^Photo: My trip is now complete with the dinner of champions!^Portillo’s^Photo: Good old Chicago traffic headed to The Cell, but man I miss that skyline!^Doesn’t miss the traffic^Photo: Good beer, good food, good friends, good to be home^Sox Pregame^Photo: Sunday at the Ryder Cup! USA, USA, USA!

^Bleacher seats on the first tee @ Ryder Cup^

Photo: MNF for my dad's birthday, happy birthday dad! DAAA BEARS!!

^They made it to Dallas, happy birthday Dave Bova!^Photo: Late night dinner of champions, after a W in Dallas filled with what felt like more Bears fans than Cowboys fans. DAA BEARS!^I was reassured that the beverage was lemonade… like that helps!^

Good thing it’s detox and hydration week for me with the Portland Marathon this Sunday! I can’t wait!

❤ JE


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