Vacation Survival Kit

Vacation again?? No – sadly this time I’m not the one going on vacation – Dan is!

Last winter I encouraged Dan that he needed to take a trip home to Chicago in 2012 to see his family and get a break from work and Portland. What better timing than to go for the Ryder Cup and for his Dad’s birthday?

I was daydreaming on lunch yesterday when I came across this idea on Pinterest from the Dating Divas. I thought it was such a cute idea to leave sweet surprises and a little note in each little box marked for the days of the week – especially for someone who I’ll only hear from via text for 2 weeks (unless he upgrades to iOS 6 for the 3G facetime!).

With the help of the Dollar Tree and the bulk section at Winco, I worked up a plan to get him both airplane snacks and enough goodies to pack a 14 Day Survival Kit like the thoughtful girlfriend I am.

I was luckily on the distribution list for Dan’s 2 week calendar of events and had a peek into his heavy family-friends-golfing-eating-drinking-lounging schedule. Therefore, I was able to tailor my messages for each day’s surprise and write about what things I may be doing on those days as well, like a 16 mile run, apple orchards with Brooke and Brad and my own Dad’s birthday celebrations!

^Each day has a note that corresponds with his calendar^

^Don’t worry, he got more than these small servings^

^Orange Bears for Monday, October 1st – Dan is taking his dad to Dallas to watch Bears v. Cowboys for Monday Night Football^

^Sealed up and ready for PDX to MDW^

❤ JE


5 thoughts on “Vacation Survival Kit

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    • Thank you! That reminds me, I haven’t updated these sub-pages with new links in the longest time. Spring Blog cleaning project…? Enjoy your project!

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