18 at Quail Valley

On Saturday I was invited to make a trip out to watch Dan play in a 32 person golf tournament at Quail Valley Golf Course. While I knew there would be no other spectators in this private tournament, I felt that the weather was perfect to watch and take photos of Dan in a relaxed environment. Unfortunately an environment where my camera bag thought it would be funny to make pants optional, but “at least only 4 people saw”.

I found Dan and his group at hole #5, thanks to Dan’s Volt polo and pristine white hat. At first I felt very awkward taking photos, not wanting to be in the way, not wanting the shutter clicks to be audible and of course not wanting to break golf etiquette (where do I begin?). Then I was given the best advice by the expert “Just follow the cart paths!” and felt much more comfortable and a little more welcome on the course.

As mentioned yesterday, Dan won the tournament overall with his best round of the year. His two under Par 70 was achieved with the help of winning the closest to the pin award on #13 (the 212 Yard Par 3) by hitting it to 6 feet and making the putt for a Birdie 2, and his 324 Yard Bomb in the fairway winning the longest drive on the Par 5 #17. I’d like to think that it was me being there that improved his game, but the more likely reason would be the gift of a beautiful day and his look-good feel-good attitude.

If you want to track his round on NG 360 – be my guest!

‚̧ JE


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