PDX Coffee: Papaccino’s

There’s many things that I love about living on the East Side of the Willamette River in Portland, one of them being the independently owned coffee shops scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Each shop takes on its own unique characteristics to make the customers feel welcome, wanted and part of the growing community.

Living in the Woodstock neighborhood for most of my life I’ve seen Papaccino’s Coffee House (and Cereal Bar!) transform over the years. What started in 1989 in the heart of the Woodstock Village now thrives as a neighborhood hot spot since being taken under new ownership in 2008.

What do you look for in a coffee shop? The drinks, the atmosphere, the food selection? Here’s a rundown of why Papaccino’s is my first choice coffee stop in SE:


The coffee from Caffe D’arte is outstanding in comparison to your typical chain operations (ahem!). Aside from my usual order of Nonfat Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte, I like to treat myself to their Nonfat Caramella Latte (Caramel + Vanilla = Errmahgerdd!) because it sounds fancy and tastes even fancier.


While I’ve never personally had more than a muffin here (and maybe delivered a cinnamon roll or two to my dad) I always see, smell and salivate over what others are eating. Patrons always look happy when they’re chowing down. Oops I lied, I have had a few baby bowls of granola Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the win! at the cereal bar.


The barista’s are friendly, competent and will greet you with a smile. I know that I will receive consistent service no matter who is making my drink and that they will take pride in their creation. Joy always hits my face when my drink is called because as I arrive to the counter I see the latte art at the brim of my cup.


Bright, friendly murals painted on brick walls and guest art hung around the store compliment the comfortable couches, study tables and relaxed seating. Enjoy the comfort of a fireplace in one corner, the sounds of children laughing in another and soak in a street front view of the center hub of the Woodstock neighborhood. Also newly installed are seated arcade style video games – The original Centipede game!


Patio seating in the summer is wonderful for an evening read, a cup of coffee between friends or just a place to watch the humble neighborhood shut down for the night. Papaccino’s is easy to locate both on foot and by car due to the crosswalk on SE 44th connecting South and North sides of the street. Daily you can find bikes parked outside and dogs sitting patiently waiting for their next treat from their owners. Also I may be biased as it looks across to my mom and dad’s building where The Flower Shop, Piccolina’s and my favorite Massage Therapist do business.


The music they play sounds like my Pandora station – easy, cheerful and relaxed. Some days it’s 94.7 fm, other days the barista’s play directly from their personal iTunes collection. Every time I stop by it feels like I’m stepping into the comfort of the home of a friend.

SE vibe:

Excellent people watching – Reed College students, business owners, parents, children and people passing through all add a touch of difference to your experience.

Stop in this weekend and enjoy what Papaccino’s Coffee House and Cereal Bar has to offer!

I’d recommend Sunday so that you can catch the Woodstock Farmer’s Market as well!

4411 SE Woodstock Boulevard

Portland, OR 97206

Monday-Friday: 6am-8pm

Saturday-Sunday: 7am-7pm

^I like to think the girl in red running in the upper left is me^

^Outside Seating^

^Too Good Caramella Latte^

^Water Station^

^The Cereal Bar^

^Happy Dragon^

❤ JE


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