Puppy Play Date!

This past weekend came and went like every other. A bachelorette party at Departure, pinterest recipe grilling, seeing The Dark Knight Rises for a second time and my best attempt to escape from the stresses that work has laid on me in the past few weeks.

Want to know the cure for stress? Four legged friends!

The highlight of my weekend was that Dan’s co-workers needed a weekend sitter for their 1 1/2 year old golden retriever, and to my personal benefit they chose the most dependable and animal friendly person they know. Dan has a way with pets. All of his friends that know this about him joke that it’s because dogs and cats see him as a big hairy animal too – but I think it’s his gentle nature, genuine compassion and high energy that wins them over. He doesn’t even have to try.

Miss Harley

Dan caught in the moment (in his new shirt and shoes!)


My parents invited us over on Sunday morning for an adult brunch and a puppy play date with my sister, Bailey – I couldn’t describe a more fun 5 hours than this. If I were to try to paint the scene, it would look something like this:

Two Golden Retrievers meet for the first time, they sniff, they nudge, they stare. One takes a sudden step forward as to initiate their dance, and the other catches on to the language that only they know. Chaos ensues – 8 legs simultaneously skate across hardwood floor, graze over carpeted surfaces, spring off of leather couches. These two young ladies, one blonde and one brunette, weave in and out of the dining room, kitchen, living room, up and over couches, using the four of us as pillars and distractions. Gentle nudges and sweet kisses are followed by taunting barks, “I-Mean-Business” Nips and Nibbles, ultimately culminating in exasperated panting and tongue-out smiles. This is life!

Constant Motion

Stand Off!

Bailey says, “HeY HaRlEy, bRiNg mE sOmE tReAts!”

Whispering secrets to Harley

“I’m QuEeN oF tHe MoUnTaiN!” – Bailey

Girls taking a well deserved break

Girls Snoozin’

Harley can’t keep her eyes open on the drive home!

My sister Bailey loves play dates and I can’t wait to see Harley again!

❤ JE


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