Little Victories

One of my goals the past fiscal year at work was to recognize and celebrate the achievements of my peers and co-workers.

What was it that my manager pointed out that I forgot to do? Celebrate my own achievements!

This post is not meant to be a #humblebrag, but more a confession of past insecurities and recent accomplishments I hope to grow from and draw against in the future. So… don’t judge!

  • I learned how to start and maintain a charcoal grill for the fifth first time! If you want to avoid buying lighter fluid, invest in the fancy Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter – no more guesswork and it truly is “rapidfire“.
  • I opened up to the idea of running with a partner – it’s still not my favorite but I’m willing to give it a try.
  • I wore colored skinny jeans that have been in my closet since March! And I rocked them!
  • My friend Cory and I won Best Dessert at a potluck BBQ – taste, presentation, theme – spot on! (no photos, but I have enough ingredients to make them again soon!)
  • I called 9-1-1 when I saw some suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Lesson learned from earlier this summer!
  • Dan and I rigged up speakers from my garage to boost the movie experience in the “theater” room. Thanks to my brother for good taste in stereo equipment.
  • I pulled the trigger on my August travel plans for Europe Trip 2012 and booked all of the flights! – Barcelona (3 nights), London for the OLYMPICS (3 nights) and Luxembourg City (4 nights).

Sometimes it’s important to spotlight the little things… “Baby Steps, it means setting small, reasonable goals for yourself, one day at a time.”

More to come soon on my travel plans for Summer Olympics – for now let’s celebrate that summer is here in PDX!

My view every lunch this summer

❤ JE


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